Are You Trying to Buy Backlinks Cheap And Rank on Google?

Buying backlinks can be a risky proposition if not done the right way. But if you want to rank for competitive keywords, you can’t afford to stay away from the tried-and-true method of link building. (While it’s not a proven method, it’s certainly more effective than trying to rank on Google’s first page using only original content). But the important question is, how do you buy backlinks cheap? There are many ways to find cheap backlinks that can help you rank. Still, the best way is to develop a relationship with reputable sellers that have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, such as freelancers, content providers, and article writing services.

In the world of link building, a backlink is a connection between a website and another, usually related, website. In the past, getting links from authoritative sites was the best way to rank well on Google, but this has changed. Search engines like Google have tried to level the playing field for small companies by emphasizing user signals like traffic, social media shares, and user engagement with content.

Buy Backlinks Cheap

How To Buy Backlinks?

Buying backlinks became inevitable in the world of web and SEO. If you are trying to have any presence on the Internet, you face the dilemma sooner or later. Long ago, I was chatting to a potential client, and he had no clue what’s a backlink, and since it was a family-run business, he wanted me to explain the process in a nutshell, so he and his wife can have a better understanding.

I simplified the process like this: It’s like getting phone numbers from different ladies, and your wife knows them all. Which girls’ numbers are you going to have on your phone?

The least to say, he was thunderstruck at first but then replied, “So, I want them all with reputation!” This is it, as simple as possible to explain it. The more people you know with a good reputation, the better position you will have in life. The more quality and reputable backlinks your site has, the better rankings it will have.

What Makes A Backlink Good?

We live in an imperfect world, created by God entirely and modeled by humans (idiots). None of the major search engines say what makes a backlink good. Google has tons of guidelines on what not to do (including not to buy backlinks), but there is no set of rules for website owners. And then we have other companies who begin speculating with metrics about websites. These metrics are created by them, and claiming theirs are the metrics you should abide by. We have Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush as the major players in providing backlinks data.

In recent years, people look for “links with traffic.” But I haven’t found bulletproof evidence that this is the best way to go when looking to buy backlinks cheap. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but for example, you can create an empty Facebook page with your keyword and rank page one without any publications on it, nor any likes.

I can speak from my 13 years experience in the industry, can say that there is no bad backlink, as long as you have a strategy. It is more important to know at what stage of your link-building campaign you will use the target website to obtain a backlink. Once you begin mastering that skill, your link-building campaigns will be successful.

What To Avoid When Buying Backlinks?

If you are trying to rank fast on Google, you better be different from the crowd. If everyone is buying PBN links, you should not buy them at that same moment. By the way, this is a general business rule: You should be exiting a niche while the rest of the crowd are getting in.

Many “experts,” say, “avoid buying black hat links.” I agree, but where should we buy white hat links from? Isn’t the process of buying backlinks itself a “black hat” method? Phony claims how Google will plummet your organic traffic, and your site will get penalized. Ranking on pages two, three, and lower is equally bad. No one will find you there unless you are in some niche with scarce information and articles.

Google guidelines say, “You should obtain organic backlinks.” I agree. If you are Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz, you will have a bunch of them. Major outlets have teams for content, videos, etc. What should the little guys do then? Not eat, not provide for their families and loved ones?

Look, the Internet is full of 95% crap, and only 5% of it is worth your time and money. No matter how big brands claim, we should do this or that. Unless we are in their private club, we won’t get the same treatment from the search engines. Hence, buying backlinks cheap is not always the right strategy—cheap backlinks you should be buying for your tier 2 and tier 3 links. Many people neglect their lower-tier links. In my opinion, this is wrong, and you should take care of them as well. I usually build three tiers of links to each of my properties, and each tier of links is carefully planned. I will talk in another post about how to do that.

Backlink Services

Buying cheap backlinks, in most cases, results in nothing. You get your website stuffed with a bunch of backlinks used at the wrong time. I understand people don’t have piles of money to spend on their websites. But better buy one quality link, from a reputable backlink service, instead of paying $10 for a “backlinks package.” All SEO marketplaces are full of sellers providing backlink services. I’m on most of them as well. There are very good guys providing backlink services on, for example.