How We Got An Extra Phone Call Every Day for an Insurance Company

How We got an additional call every day for an insurance company

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If you’re looking to increase phone calls, website visits, and overall online visibility, read how one insurance company used our GMB Accelerated, 6 months of our GBP Monthly campaign, and a Managed Search campaign to do just that. This case study will show you the results you can achieve when you combine our local and organic SEO packages. Even though this client was ranking pretty well already, our SEO campaigns boosted their calls while also expanding their keyword market share for additional high value keywords with significant search volumes.

During this campaign we also ranked #1 for their top keyword. Furthermore, we  maintained the #1 position for rankings for more than four months; this way, our client managed to rank at the top of the local searches for insurance companies while beating the competition and gaining more business as a result.

Recap Of The Results We Achieved

Our Local SEO Strategy

A strong local foundation is crucial for any business looking to dominate the 3 pack, especially in high competition niches. For our insurance client, this meant more brand signals, geo-relevant content, location pages, and authority stacking. While the listing was performing well already, our local optimization brought in more than one extra call per day. What could 30 additional calls per month do for your client?

The process can be divided into three phases. We began with auditing the listing, creating local niche signals, and setting up the entity brand foundation based on competitor and local SERP audits. This competitor parity strategy mapping process forms the foundation for future 3 pack ranking in higher comp areas.

Local and niche signals built include:

  • Premium Local Press Release
  • PBN Map Embeds with NAP Mentions
  • Optimized Geo-Network
  • On-Page Local Optimization
  • Image Optimization

Brand Signals Included:

  • Data Aggregator Submissions
  • 100+ Social Accounts to Build Brand

Once all these were built, we then boost the signals for maximum power.

After we completed phase 1, we optimized the Google listing, created more niche-relevant signals, and boosted the brand. In the screenshot below you can see all the work completed. This advanced brand setup process further pushed out the clients local rankings into more competitive markets.

screenshot 4

Below are the results of the GMB Accelerated campaign discussed above, combined with 6 months of our GBP Monthly campaign.

Expanded Local Visibility with More Map Pack Rankings

With strong local optimization and niche relevant signal creation, we strengthened prominence and relevance, which allowed us to overcome proximity and widen their local visibility to new areas. Local custom signals were an integral part of this. 

These are based on competitor analysis and help to continually build local citations and links. By continually building local links we helped this client stay ahead of the curve and maintain rankings for long periods of time. In this case, we maintained the number one rank for many top keywords for over 4 months until the campaign was paused. 

Below is the maps increase which was directly attributed to consistent custom signal creations…

screenshot 3

They were also ranking #1 locally for “car insurance near me” and “insurance near me”. These are high volume terms that brought in significant additional leads for the client.

unnamed (6)

Local signal creation directly impacts the listing prominence – one of the top three ranking factors. You can see in the screenshots above the impact stronger prominence has on a listing’s performance.

These #1 map pack rankings for high search volume keywords lead to an increase in lead flow from the listing.

300+ Additional Calls + Increases in Website Visits & Driving Directions

Through the work described above in GMB Accelerated and GBP Monthly campaigns, we secured more than 300 additional calls, which equated to more than one additional call every day. We also saw a 22% increase in driving direction requests with a slight 9% increase in the visits to the website.

The 300 calls alone translated into a significant boost in lead flow and revenue.

unnamed (4)

Our Managed SEO Strategy

Competitor parity is at the center of our Managed Search campaigns. We analyze top-ranking competitors as well, for insights on the keywords, anchor texts, semantic phrases, etc. After we gather up all the data, both site-level and page-level optimization begin. We pair this with content creation, authority press releases, high traffic guests posts, niche link placements, tiered link stacks, and link indexation to ensure Google bots will crawl the clients’ site and add it to the search index. 

In addition to our standard Organic SEO process (below), we optimized all website pages for Spanish insurance terms. We also created location pages for towns surrounding the business with significant population (+30% population). Our strategies increased the relevancy of our target phrases and provided more clarity for the buyer and their intent. 

screenshot 5

#1 Organic Rankings for High Volume Terms

Because of our location page creation, on-page optimization, link building and outreach strategies, this client achieved top organic rankings for many of their top search terms. These prominent rankings leads significant increases in their exposure and site traffic.

As seen below, we pushed major terms with high search volumes (some as high as 720 monthly searches) to the number one position. We achieved #1 position for 6 terms and top 3 position for 10 terms!

organic new

Further, by leveraging these brand building tasks we established long-term rankings for this client’s top industry keywords. We maintained the number one rankings seen on the rank tracker below and above for more than four months.

unnamed (7)

26% Increase In Form Submissions And 90% Increase In Calls from the Website

Because of top organic rankings and increased visibility, the client got 92 form submissions which equated to a 26% increase in website leads. They also received 19 calls directly from the website, which was a 90% increase compared to before they’re campaign.

We also improved the quality and relevancy of content in relation to the search intent, which lead to  increases in scroll depth. More site visitors were actually going through the content of the site, increasing website conversions.

unnamed (8)

This framework has proven to be very beneficial for our clients in the past and your clients can achieve similar results as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for experienced SEOs and top-notch services. Join the Local SEO Community Facebook group or subscribe to The SEO Vault to stay updated with the latest SEO news. 

If you’re looking for results like these for your clients’ we recommend combining our Monthly Managed Search and Monthly GBP campaigns. This one-two-punch will maximize results and impress your clients with the results you are able to achieve. 

Not sure what your clients need to succeed? We offer custom campaign recommendations to manually evaluate your client’s current position.

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