Our Top 6 SEO Affordable Services When On A Budget

Our Top 6 SEO Services
When On A Budget

We’ve all had clients that need SEO, but don’t have a big budget.  SEO campaigns can be costly but, they’re critical in boosting your client’s online presence and SERP visibility.

If you need an SEO campaign for your clients but are on a tight budget, we’ve come up with a list of services that don’t break the bank. While these more affordable services do not replace fully-built and robust SEO campaigns, they will help you make the most out of your client’s budget.

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    Why you need SEO, even for small budget clients

    When you incorporate SEO for your clients, you’re helping potential customers find their business and therefore increase their overall online presence and organic traffic regardless of their business size and budget. This extends the number of potential customers that will be able to find your clients and make sure they don’t miss out on what your client’s business has to offer.

    It’s important to mention that focusing your clients’ budget on SEO is perceived to be more profitable than PPC by more than 50% of marketers. This leads to the conclusion that SEO is worth every penny of small business owners with a small marketing budget.

    SEO has become today’s word-of-mouth in the marketing industry, to rank well in SERPs a business needs to build online authority via customer reviews, backlinking, etc. Therefore, no business no matter the size and budget can afford to leave SEO out of their marketing campaign.

    Do Affordable SEO Services Provide Results?

    Long story short, yes, affordable SEO services can provide measurable results for your clients. Small, limited SEO efforts are way better than no SEO at all. While results may not be as strong, the below services can work to improve ranking results over time. All optimization done will build upon each other and contribute to a stronger online brand.

    Remember though, it is extremely important to choose the right SEO services for your client’s specific needs. Not all of the below services will be needed for every client. If you need help determining what is best for your particular client, we do offer free, custom campaign recommendations and link recommendations too!

    Continue reading to get detailed explanations of all our budget-friendly SEO services. We’ll cover what services to order in different situations so you get the biggest impact for your client.

    1. Custom Signals

    If you want to push map rankings higher and build a stronger online brand, Custom Signals are perfect for smaller budgets! This was originally offered as an add-on to our Organic SEO and GMB campaigns when they needed an extra push. However, we noticed these signals were moving the needle. Now, we offer Custom Signals as a stand-alone monthly service too! It has proven to provide a consistent and noticeable increase in rankings, especially in less competitive markets and niches.

    How Our Affordable Link Building Works

    We start our custom signals campaigns by researching your top-ranking competitors and their signals to ensure we’re prioritizing the most impactful signals. By focusing on the common signals among top-ranking competitors, we can pinpoint the most valuable signals in order to maximize ranking results. Our team will also research other opportunities to build links on niche and locally relevant sites that your competitors don’t have. We then combine those with competitor research to consistently build high-quality links each month. This formula has proven to be the perfect process for pushing prominence and strengthening an online brand – without breaking the bank.

    If your client needs to rank their listing higher and they’re consistently publishing content with strong on-page optimization, we recommend focusing on citation and signal building to secure additional brand mentions. This affordable link building service will help secure the results they have been looking for. You can achieve all that for your clients at less than $200 for 10 hours monthly!

    2. Country-Specific Business Citations

    Moving on with another budget-friendly service we offer, our business citations on country-specific directories create the essential citations your clients need for a strong brand foundation. This is a one-time service that gives you access to the most common (& crucial) online directories. These citations are more general business citations that we recommend every company has.

    Build a Strong Brand Foundation

    If you are working with a new business, new location of an existing business, or a company that has done little SEO, we recommend you begin optimization here.

    Starting at only $89, our business citations remain one of the most affordable options to strengthen a brand’s online foundation. By adding this to your client’s SEO strategy, you can secure some authoritative mentions, many of which are top-ranking directories!

    We offer a variety of options, so you can choose from 50 to 250 local directories submissions. After purchase, we manually submit your client’s brand information, then provide you with verifiable reports to make reporting results to your clients a piece of cake.

    3. Niche Citations

    Google ranks brands, which is why building a brand is so importantWith niche citations, you can more quickly strengthen your client’s online brand and niche relevance without spending countless hours searching for citations that fit your client’s industry. 

    We know the top business directories for your client’s niche, so let us help!  Our niche citations filter directories focus on authority and niche relevance, you can choose from 23+ niche-specific categories, including:

    • Roofing
    • Legal
    • Locksmith
    • HVAC
    • Dentists
    • Chiropractor
    • Painter
    • Plumber
    • Architect
    If you’re looking for a big bang for your buck, niche citations offer powerful support without maxing out the budget. Their targeted relevance allows you to rank quicker in maps while also padding your client’s link profile.

    Furthermore, we offer unique AI-generated content upgrades for free to maximize the impact of your citations. We promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will work for free to make it right or provide you with a complete refund.

    4. Mini Networks

    If you want to increase your map rankings, you need to strengthen local and topical relevancy. Our mini networks build optimized signals proven to move the needle, no matter what type of relevancy you need to build.

    We offer multiple mini-net options, including geo networks, niche networks, and brand networks to help your clients work towards google 3-pack domination. With any of our mini net packages, you get access to a strong network solution that is able to build the niche and geographic relevancy your clients need.

    Our mini networks are perfect if you want to beat the possum filter or increase visibility with higher rankings.

    Geo Networks

    Our geo networks are a series of accounts and Web 2.0 Ranker properties built around a specific location rather than a brand. Each mini-network is based on a target location and a local persona. By interconnecting your clients with this locally relevant network, you increase local relevance for stronger map rankings. We create our mini-networks based on a target location and a local persona.

    One big advantage of Geo Nets is if you have a client with multiple locations within the same city, you can leverage the same Geo Net for these, building geographic relevance at scale. You can also re-use them for multiple sites in the same city to create a consistent channel for brand mentions and local links. This is a big benefit as many agencies focus on clients in a specific city or metro area.

    Niche Networks

    Instead of building an entire network around an area, niche networks focus on a specific industry. If your client needs to improve their niche relevance, niche networks will help work towards that.

    If your agency is niched down, you can also leverage this niche network for multiple clients!

    We can also create geo/niche relevant articles, which at the bottom will have embedded a unique driving direction map. However, we offer the articles as an add-on option since they take more time to create and increase the price as well.

    5. Local Data Aggregators

    Working with a new business or one that hasn’t done much SEO? Data ags can help you take control of your client’s online brand and lay a strong foundation for the Knowledge Graph! Starting at only $75, our local data aggregator service allows you to build hundreds of citations with one click.

    If your client is facing brand confusion or incorrect brand info online, our data aggregator service will overwrite duplicate listings or incorrect business information. Don’t spend hours trying to submit the correct info to each individual site! We can update the info for you with ease.

    Citations, NAP mentions, and consistent info are especially important for local SEO. So, if your client wants to rank in maps or clean up inconsistent info, we recommend starting here. Data aggregators are companies that collect business information, then syndicate it to their partners for publishing. Some notable partners include Apple Maps, Google Local, Bing Local, etc.

    The process starts with you submitting your client’s business details, then our team double-checks your submission for any issues. The data then connects via API from the dashboard and pushes out the info to hundreds of sources. Additionally, if your client’s NAP info changes throughout the year we will update the info for free.

    ** Currently, data aggregators are only available for US and Canada companies.

    6. Monthly Google Business Profile SEO

    Last but not least on our list of budget-friendly services is our Monthly GBP SEO campaigns. While these are not the cheapest SEO service we offer, it’s certainly the biggest impact for the price. They’re designed to free up your time and enable you to scale your agency faster while increasing clients’ rankings and local visibility.

    You get guaranteed map visibility increases and a robust local SEO campaign designed to dominate maps, starting at only $459 per month. To determine which campaign level is right for your client, just look at the population ranges associated with each. Keep in mind, if you choose a lower level than recommended results will be slower.

    We also offer a one-time maps boost to push rankings even faster! You can spread this one-time cost over the first 3 or 6 months of a campaign to make it more attainable for clients on a tight budget. For example, spreading our Core Boost over 6 months equates to an additional $100 per month.

    Having completed over 5,200 Local SEO campaigns since 2015, we know what it takes to get results in maps. We leverage proven tactics and SEO testing to stay at the forefront of what’s working in local. You can depend on us to get you results.

    Affordable Organic SEO Services

    If you need help ranking websites on a budget, here are some of our most affordable services that will help you improve your current organic rankings, traffic, and visibility.

    One of the most crucial aspects of organic SEO is on-page optimization. That’s why our On-Page Optimization service. Basic optimization starts at only $29 per page and full on-page optimization is $99 for the first page, then $79 for every page after that. If you need to optimize website content quickly but don’t have the time or manpower,  our optimization team can take it off your plate.

    If a site is well optimized for on-page, but still not ranking. The next thing we would look at is our Technical SEO Service. This is designed to identify any technical issues that may be holding you back from ranking. The technical SEO audit is only $147, but this does not include implementing fixes. You will receive audit reports, an action plan, and written summary.

    We also offer a budget-friendly option that combines technical SEO and on-page to provide a more complete Website optimization solution! Our SEO Triage includes:

    • Full technical audit
    • Corrects errors found in the audit
    • Advanced on-page optimization
    • Site level optimization
    • Competitor analysis
    • Full surfer SEO optimization
    • TF-IDF semantic analysis
    • FAQ JSON schema markup
    • Proven on-page ranking factors
    • 500 words of surfer-optimized content.

    If you’re looking for a more complete organic SEO solution to kickstart a campaign, our SEO Accelerated Setup includes a full technical audit, implementation, and 30 days of organic SEO. While this does not provide a monthly solution, it will lay a strong foundation for organic rankings.

    Affordable Local SEO Services

    We offer a variety of affordable local SEO services that can get your clients the biggest bang for their buck. Many of these services were discussed above in more detail.

    Custom Signals provide your clients with customized link-building and off-page brand promotion without breaking the bank. This service does NOT use a pre-built list. It is a fully custom offering that relies on competitor analysis and industry research to secure powerful NAP mentions, authoritative signals, and locally relevant links. You can choose the number of hours, allowing for flexibility depending on your client’s needs.

    While this service is popularly used to push local rankings, there are national campaign options too. Keep in mind, this service should be used to support larger SEO efforts. Custom Signals alone will not get you from position 20 to position 1.

    Essential Business Citations provide the key citations and brand mentions needed by any business. These are country-specific directory submissions that will lay the foundation for a strong online brand. These citations also include unique content for free! If your client doesn’t have many brand mentions, start here.

    Niche citations are a great way to build industry relevance quickly. Don’t waste time researching the important links for your client’s industry. We know the links you need since we consistently work in many niches. Leverage our niche-specific link inventories to build relevance faster and cheaper.

    Another way you can build niche relevance is with our Niche Mini Networks. We also offer geo networks to strengthen geo relevancy, as well as brand networks.

    Our Monthly Local SEO For Google My Business & Google Business Profiles is also a great bang for your buck. This monthly service is guaranteed to improve the local rankings and starts at $459/Mo. While it is not the most affordable service we offer, the amount of work that goes into these campaigns and the results we are able to achieve makes them a great value. Keep in mind, you must choose the level that corresponds with that location’s population size to get the best results.

    Affordable Press Services

    Press releases are a great way to build a brand and spread the word about your client’s business, event, or other updates. Our press release services offer flexible options to meet your agency’s needs…

    1. We can write and syndicate your press release
    2. You can write your own press release and we syndicate the release

    First, our press team writes an SEO-optimized content piece based on the information provided in the intake form. These writers and editors are specifically trained in how to write press releases. We then send the press release to you for approval. If you write your own release, our team will review it and let you know of any issues.

    We’ve built our own press release syndication network to ensure our prs provide the most powerful results possible. Starting at only $49 for a Standard Press Release, they’re affordable press releases for any size campaign. You can also get our Premium Press Release with Voice Search Optimization for your clients with tighter budgets at only $79.

    You can also purchase press releases in bulk and save up to $1,200 on press releases for your clients and agency. If you have many clients needing press or a client with a weak online brand, bulk credits are an affordable option to have your press releases written and syndicated.

    If your team writes press releases internally, our PR Syndication Credits are an even cheaper press option. You supply the written press release and our team syndicates it for a fraction of the cost!

    Lastly, our Targeted Media Outreach is a great value if you have highly newsworthy content. Our team will create a custom outreach list of 1,000 contacts and industry journalists from our database of 1 million+ contacts, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today! We then perform outreach on your behalf, saving you hours of manual outreach work. TMO also includes a premium press release syndicated to over 300+ additional sources.

    Affordable Link Services

    If you are looking to build links for your clients, our Custom Signals would once again come in handy. They are a versatile link-building resource you can use locally and nationally to strengthen. relevance, prominence, and your overall link graph.

    Guest posting can be highly effective in an SEO strategy, but only if one properly. Our Guest Posting Service offers 3 different levels of guest posts, so there’s an option to fit any budget, starting at only $87. All guest posts include a premium DFY article, semantically optimized articles, white hat manual outreach,  FB shares/ retweets/ repins, geo-tagged images for local projects, and more. Every guest post publishing site has a minimum of 1,000+ monthly traffic and 50+ referring domains, with premium guest posts having a minimum of 7,000+ monthly traffic and 100+ referring domains.

    Secure powerful backlinks with 100 to 1,000+ referring domains, starting at $29 per link, with our High Referring Domain Links. More referring domains generally indicate higher authority, trust, and quality, thus providing links that push rankings. Once you submit your order, links are edited into quality, existing pages on real, aged sites. Our team then monitors these sites for quality and spam.

    Build niche links for stronger rankings with our Authority Niche Placements. These are permanent placements on real, aged websites for only $47 per link! ANP links have an average of 75+ referring domains, so you can be sure these are quality links that will strengthen your client’s link profile.

    Get Even More Affordable SEO Services with Agency Partnership Program

    We provide monthly recurring discounts, as well as one-time, stand-alone discounts if you’re a part of our Agency Partnership Program. This means you can save even more money on SEO by simply working with Web 2.0 Ranker!

    You receive a 10% recurring discount for meeting the Level 1 recurring subscription spend of $2,500. This discount provides 10% off EVERY month of any managed monthly service we offer. You can also qualify for a standalone 10% discount if your account’s lifetime spend is over $5,000. This can be used on any product, including monthly subscriptions, but only the 1st month is discounted with this coupon.

    If you want to know if you qualify for either of these discounts, reach out to us in website chat support! Our team can check your spend levels to let you know how much further you have to go for each discount option.

    Not Sure Which SEO Services You Need?

    Determining how to reach your goals can be difficult, especially when you’re on a budget. That’s why we offer free link recommendations and campaign recommendations. If you need further help in finding out what your clients need, we are always happy to help! Just reach out.

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