SEO Update, December 16 2022

How Powerful is Hidden Content? We’ve got the tests to find out…

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On this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we discussed how to create relevancy for your GBP listing, Google’s Link Spam Update With SpamBrain AI, and how Google Local Guide reviews affect rankings + other SEO news (you can find below)!

SEO Updates & News:

Google Unleashes December 2022 Link Spam Update With SpamBrain AI

> Google: There Is No Helpful Content Score Or Threshold

> New: Video Uploads For Google Reviews On Google Maps App

Another Joy Hawkins Original: Study: Google Local Guides Reviews Stay At The Top Longer

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This Week On The SEO Mad Scientist

Hidden Content is More Powerful Than You Think…

Welcome back, SEO mad scientists!

We will start by saying we kind of screwed up our test… but it still gives us some good data to work with.

We wanted to see if hidden content could rank, and when setting up our test, we just threw a bunch of content on our page without really optimizing it. Which ended up being extremely overoptimized and cannibalized other pages on the website…

You can see some of the rankings the hidden page is showing for:

However, since it is over-optimized, Google is showing other random pages for the target term “SEO Consulting” and other variations. Although we can see Google did split test the hidden page against the page, they eventually chose…

We can even see the difference in how the pages perform on average in the search console, where our over-optimized page (hidden content) is performing much worse.

When we look at our local rankings, it does appear there is a slight decrease in the target term “SEO Consulting,” which we believe is due to the new page. When doing the update, we removed “SEO Consulting” from our menu, which we had observed was a possible ranking factor on a previous test.

So, unfortunately, our hidden content isn’t ranking very well. Still, it seems to have impacted the site just as much by causing cannibalization, at least from our observation of other campaigns.

This allows us to fix the on-page optimization and hide more content as well to see if we can get rankings to improve to where they were before or even better.

So we’ve done some additional on-site optimization (hidden). We optimized and tightened up our current hidden page and made some general improvements to see if the site could rank just as well as before or better with the hidden content.

Join us next week for another update, and follow along as we find out how impactful hidden content is on your SEO campaigns.

Until next week, happy testing!

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 169

Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…

✔️ How to create relevancy for your GBP listing

✔️ How to use ChatGPT to create high-quality content

✔️ Google allowing users to upload videos to their local reviews on mobile.

Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

>Answered: Is there Any testing that shows that mentioning the niche or keyword in the Q/A section a lot in Google business profile help in rankings?

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