SEO Update – January 20, 2023

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We also recently launched an Organic SEO Add-on with our Monthly GBP Campaigns so you can create more robust SEO strategies with both local and organic included!

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On this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we discussed plans to extend Agency Support and Liaison hiring for levels 4 and above in the Agency Partnership Program.

We also covered the news that Google has removed embedded podcasts from search results and discussed a statement from John Mu of Google, who clarified that having a website with the same name as another site is fine for search as long as the content is different. The sites are not attempting to manipulate search results + other SEO news (you can find them below)!

SEO Updates & News:

> John Mu Google: Publishing Frequency Does Not Make Something Spammy

Google Discontinues Google Posts Insights

> Google: Having A Website With The Same Name As Another Site Is Fine For Search

Google Removes Embedded Podcasts From Search Results

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We offer FREE link recommendations and a link buying guide to provide best use cases for the different types of links you need now.

Please message us on the website chat or email at [email protected] if you have any questions. Always happy to help!

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Chaz and the Entire Team

How To Use Infographics For Link Building

Are you looking for a way to boost your link-building efforts? Infographics are a highly effective way to increase brand exposure and bring in natural backlinks.

Infographics are particularly beneficial for clients who are already well-positioned in the SERPs. Not only do quality infographics help to convey complex information in an easily digestible format, they also tend to receive a high number of social shares.

Read this blog to find out how to use infographics for link-building, so you can begin implementing these rich media assets into your SEO campaigns.

This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week On The SEO Mad Scientist

Hey there, SEO mad scientists,
We’re hard at work setting up new SEO tests in the lab.
None of our tests had meaningful results to report this week, so we’re continuing to monitor our test setups and report back next week.

See you again next week for another update…

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 174

Hosts: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…

✔️ How to improve the quality of location page content to increase indexing rate

✔️ Using ClickUp to get the most out of your GoHighlevel account

✔️ Google removing the ability to listen to podcasts directly from search results

Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Answered: What are the benefits of using ClickUp to connect to GoHighLevel?

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