Seo Update November 4, 2022


How You Can Fix Cannibalization on GBP Listings?

Happy Friday!

Have your maps rankings been affected by GBP Cannibalization?

We began testing how to crack the “cannibalization code” this week on the SEO Mad Scientist. We wanted to see if the primary category at all influenced the cannibalization.
Read the entire test below to see what we find out!

On this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we discussed how to use GeoBooster to grow your agency, the effect of GBP short names on rankings, Google’s perspective on using AI-generated content, and other SEO news!

SEO Updates & News This Week:

> Google Business Profile Photo Insights Will Go Away

> Changes To Some Of The Google Search Help Documentation include: PageRank Reference Removals, Sitemap Docs Change, Title Link Doc Changes

> John Mu: Google Search Console Verified Sites Do Not Get Crawled More

> Finally: Google Adds Lens Button To Desktop Homepage Search Bar

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 163

Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Mike Milas
+ Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…


✔️ The effect of GBP short names on rankings

✔️ Google’s new stand on AI-generated content.

✔️ John Mu: Google Search Console Verified Sites Do Not Get Crawled More

> Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

> Answered: Is there any benefit to having a GMB short name?

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This Week in the Lab with SEO Mad Scientist

GBP Cannabilization… How Can We Fix It?

Hey there SEO Testers! We have been working hard behind the scenes trying to create a cannibalization scenario with a test listing so that we could begin to do some controlled cannibalization tests…

The time has come to start reviewing these awesome tests and see if we can begin to crack the “cannibalization code”!

The past few weeks, we have talked about listings that we had the services pulled in from the website to get added to the GBP listing and how these terms and their placements on the website directly influenced rankings.

We have now put up a second listing at the same location with optimization for “search engine optimization” to attempt to create a cannibalization scenario we can begin testing on.

As of a few days ago, we now have the listing starting to show for terms, but the first listing is clearly suppressing it… 

unnamed (49)

Even after a few more days, we see some upward movement, but nothing compared to what we saw from the first listing optimization once it started to show for the term.

unnamed (50)

Both listings had the same optimization done but with a few tweaks to test some things.

First, each listing has a different primary category…   

unnamed (51)

We wanted to see if the primary category at all influenced the cannibalization.

We had assumed this wouldn’t be the case because that doesn’t change the fact that both would be listed in the same SERP result. So our theory seems true; the listing’s categories have nothing to do with being filtered and is purely a keyword-specific occurrence.

We know this happens when two listings are at the same exact location, and when someone searches a keyword, Google won’t return two listings right on top of each other. In some cases of attorneys, if this were the way it worked, we would see all the pins right at one location zoomed in on one building.

So if the primary category doesn’t impact this, maybe the pin location does?

Previously when testing if service area businesses wouldn’t experience this issue versus a local address because they’re not technically “at that location,” there didn’t seem to be any difference. Still, now that setting your business up as a SAB seems to recenter your PIN in the middle of your service area, this may help with the issue.

This is why one of our listings is a SAB, but we can see from the current results that the verified location still is the primary factor on whether listings cannibalize each other.

With this understanding, we don’t believe there is a way we can get both listings to show for the top term, but if we can figure out how to get Google to switch which listing is being cannibalized, that will definitely be beneficial.

Join us next week as our GBP cannibalization tests continue as we try to crack the code on how to get your business unfiltered.

Until then, happy testing!  

However, “telemarketing service” is its own category…

So it was interesting to see that we had no rankings when running that term.

So there is a possibility that showing for an exact category term without having the category selected may not be possible. But relevant service terms listed under other categories do influence “related terms.”

This could be useful for adding more relevancy between categories and services based on sub-services categories.

Meaning that if we were trying to rank for “Telemarketing Services,” then selecting that as a primary category with sub-services such as “outbound Telemarketing” would probably be the best place to start, but considering other relevant categories that can have relevant sub-services may help as well.

So selecting “marketing agency” as a secondary category and adding “telemarketing campaigns” as a service under that category may be beneficial.

As usual, we will continue our testing and let you know what we find. Be sure to join us next week with more helpful SEO test updates, and until then, Happy Testing! 

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