Seo Update September 30, 2022


Do These Two Onsite Factors Influence Local Rankings?

Happy Friday!

This week on the SEO Vault, we discussed the impact of having optimized URLs on rankings, the Service Area Business bug being fixed, Google’s new core & product review update, and more SEO news!

SEO News This Week:
> Google September Core & Product Reviews Updates Both Finished Rolling Out On September 26th

> Google Really Wants You To Avoid Changing URLs Just For SEO Reasons

> Google: We Won’t Penalize For Keyword-Stuffed URLs

> Google: There Is No Percentage To Measure Duplicate Content

> The Service Area Business bug has been fixed

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 158

Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Mike Milas + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week… 

 ✔ Google Really Wants You To Avoid Changing URLs Just For SEO Reasons

 ✔ Google September Core & Product Review Updates Both Finished Rolling Out On September 26th

 ✔ Google: We Won’t Penalize For Keyword-Stuffed URLs

 ✔ Google: If You Don’t Know If Your Content Is Expertly Written, Then It Is Not

 ✔ The Service Area Business bug has been fixed

> Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Answered: I have a problem where I only have ~300 pages, and all of a sudden, there are 15,000 non-index URLs (most of them are parameter queries, such as sorting order). I believe this is the reason rankings are dropping. Can someone lead me in the right direction to begin fixing this issue?

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This Week in the Lab with SEO Mad Scientist

Do These Two Onsite Factors Influence Local Rankings?

Hey there, SEO scientists. We are back with a quick update this week on our GBP indexation ranking tests.

We haven’t seen any major movement with the current terms we observed last week that Google clearly pulled from our website.

However, one of the terms that we did have listed as a service on our listing that is not showing any rankings is “website design.”

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Seeing where Google had originally pulled our relevance from on our website, we decided to see if adding these terms to the website in the same places caused any ranking increases.

unnamed (4)

We wanted to keep it simple and test the two primary locations that Google pulled from for our first original keywords. So we didn’t create an internal page for “website design” in the menu, we just added the text with no link to see if it was the text itself listed in the heading across the site that had any impact.

There are any results, and if we can finally determine the most influential ranking factors on GBP listings.

Until then, Happy testing!

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