Seo Updates April 1 & 2, 2022


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There wasn’t much SEO news this week, but we have seen some listings with the city in the listing name recovering from the local update at the end of 2021…

If you’re seeing something similar, let us know in the Local SEO Community.

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[SEO Mad Scientist] See the Impact of Inner Website Pages on Local Rankings?

Episode 134

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen

What we discussed this week…

✔ For Google Updates, The Product Reviews Update III Is Not That Huge – So Far

✔ Now Seeing Volatility For The Google Product Reviews Update (v. March 2022)

✔ Google Now Using MUM For Detecting Personal Crisis Searches & BERT For Detecting Shocking Content

✔ Answered: I think one of my websites is not indexing, slowly being removed from the index because of duplicate content. The city pages are too similar. Are there tools that can show me what I need to remove for duplicate content penalty?

> Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

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SEO Mad Scientist 🧪🥼🔬

Hey there are you SEO scientists. Welcome back to another exciting week of updates. We’re going to start off this week by doing a quick update on last week’s results for our inner page tests, as we begin to move onto the final phase of the test.

In case you haven’t been following along, a quick summary of this test includes taking a GBP with a GBP website as the primary website, changing it to a personal one-page website with the same content, and then adding keyword-targeted inner pages with inner linking to see how it affects local rankings.

So far every test has shown ranking improvements although we noticed last week that our private site and in our pages hadn’t even been indexed in the public index.

Looking at the current results here is what we see.


So far it’s not clear if the inner pages helped or if we are seeing something else, due to the fact that week see movement but very little, and the current site wasn’t indexed.

We have pushed indexing on these pages but still aren’t seeing a result. It’s possible that the homepage is being filtered because the content exactly matches the GBP site which is indexed. If that’s the case in Google is still crawled these pages then maybe they are being counted in a private index somewhere.

We are now going to move on to the final stage of this test where we change the GBP website link back to the original GBP website, and then redirect our homepage to the GBP site. Will be interesting to see if we maintain our rankings, go up, or drop.

We are still having to hold off one more week for our deep link test results but be sure to join us next week for another update, plus we take a look at some other tests that we have running and what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, Happy Testing!

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