Seo Updates April 22 & 23, 2022


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Does Image Data Influence Organic Rankings?

Episode 137

Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Mike Milas

What we discussed this week…


✔ Spring Break Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – April 18th

✔ Google Search Console Sending Notices For Intrusive Interstitials

✔ Google Search Tests Side Bar Navigation

✔ Google Site Kit Now Has Question Hub Data

✔ Answered: Struggling to figure out the best content strategy for clients in the health space (chiro, physio, natural path, etc). What do you do in terms of content strategy for these clients? Is it worth it spending much time here on unique content?

> Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Don’t forget The SEO Vault airs live on the Web 2.0 Ranker Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm EST.

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SEO Mad Scientist 🧪🥼🔬

Welcome to another SEO mad scientist weekend update and today we’re going to be going over some new tests as well as a bonus test we have that came up from this weekend’s SEO vault.

So let’s get started…

In the past we’ve run a lot of image tests that showed there was a clear separation between organic rankings and image rankings.

A lot of the data that pertain to an image did not seem to directly influence organic rankings, such as the image name. The algorithm has changed a lot since those tests but we now want to look further into how these signals could actually impact rankings on a larger scale, even if not indirectly.

We started with a simple theory that if Google knows what an image is then that data could impact rankings. We thought this could have been a possible signal in our deep linking image test so to test this theory we decided to search Google image search for top ranking images from our primary terms and use those images on our websites instead of our own. 

unnamed (33)

We did not download and upload the images to our site, we used the exact image URL as our source URL on our website, so that Google knew it actually was that image.

Warning: using other people’s images on your site is not advised. This was done for testing purposes only!

After changing out multiple images across multiple pages on the site it has been a little over a week and we have still yet to see any major correlative movement.

We will report back next week with another update as we start phase two of this test, deep linking to these image URLs.

This comes from one of our previous tests as well which would possibly mean an image’s “relevance” is just as important as its “authority”…

Do images have “authority”? Let us know what you think in the Local SEO Community Group.

As we give that test some more time and see if there’s any more results that come from it let’s take a look at our special bonus test that we decided to try after talking on the SEO Vault this week…

From a previous test we noticed that the URL extension seems to have played some kind of impact in the local rankings when listing it on our Google my business listing.

It seemed unlikely, but, the theory is that Google could be using the URL extension to some extent for relevance purposes.

This would mean that if you are a “dentist”, this could potentially help with your local rankings if true.

To test this was a simple test of taking one of our gbps and switching out the websites with a relevant TLD.

We took our test listing and purchased the TLD that had our part of our primary category in it, (.shop)

We then copied the Google Business Website HTML over to the New URL as we did in the previous test and swapped out the domain to track the results. 

unnamed (34)

unnamed (35)

Be sure to join us next week when we take another look at our bonus TLD test, and follow up on our new image authority testing!

Until next week, happy testing! 

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