SEO Updates – Aug 4, 2023

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🚀 Exciting News! Our CTR Manipulation Test for Google Business Profile Ranking is a Success!

Hold on tight because we have some amazing news to share! After three months of mysterious CTR and Google Business Profile tests, it’s time to reveal the results. And guess what? We’ve not just hit the mark, but we’ve crushed it!

We focused on four key areas and nailed each one!

Keyword #1: Listing Agent

We waved our SEO magic wand and transformed this keyword from a nobody into a star. By cleverly boosting the CTR, our Realtor clients now enjoy a top spot in the search rankings!

Keyword #2: Realtor Franklin

Imagine a phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s exactly what happened to this once-forgotten profile. With our CTR manipulation, it’s now soaring high and ready to shine.

Keyword #3: Accountant Honolulu

With just the right touch of CTR manipulation, we injected new energy into this keyword. The result? A noticeable and promising boost!

Keyword #4: Payroll services Honolulu

We played the role of a maestro, orchestrating the perfect mix of CTR manipulation to wake up this keyword. The outcome? A powerful surge that catches everyone’s attention.

🚀 The journey was thrilling:

Our main focus was to enhance the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for your Google Business Profile. We used a two-pronged strategy, involving search engine manipulation and simulated user engagement. We targeted four crucial keywords for triggering local pack results to increase your listing’s visibility.

We carefully calibrated our approach to manage CTR and avoid over-interaction. Our interactions with Google emulated user behavior to positively influence CTR. We actively searched for the Profile using targeted keywords, signaling increased interest to Google.

Engaging with Google Business Profile posts boosted visibility and relevance for Google algorithms. Visiting the website directly from the profile aimed to increase ‘dwell time’ for better search engine rankings. The results speak for themselves:

Our systematic and strategic approach, combined with meticulous keyword selection and simulated engagement, proved highly effective in boosting CTR.

This success has bolstered our confidence to further enhance your Google Business Profile’s visibility and ranking through continued CTR-focused efforts.

While this chapter may be closing, the story is far from over. Stay tuned as we embark on more exciting SEO endeavors. There are plenty of new tests on the horizon, and we can’t wait to achieve more success together!

💰Unraveling SEO’s Client Retention and Local SEO Reporting with Roger Bryan💰

The SEO Vault Episode 201

In this awesome episode, we have a special guest, Roger Bryan, the owner of Raising Millionaires, sharing his inspiring journey from the Marines to his involvement in SEO, especially working for a non-profit organization. Our fantastic hosts, Victor Perez, and Roger dive into Google’s interesting categorization of reviews based on the type of reviewer, and they stress the importance of understanding how reviews impact search rankings.

We also explore the exciting potential of using AI to generate top-notch content and supercharge SEO strategies. The episode covers a wide range of topics, including positioning offers for SEOs, client retention tips, investment opportunities for SEOs, and some fantastic updates from Web 2.0 Ranker. Get ready to be blown away!

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