SEO Updates – August 18, 2023

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Welcome to another update with the SEO Mad Scientist!

Today we are going to return to one of our previous PR tests, as we look at how Google’s new AI snippets have responded…

Google has been testing AI-generated responses to see how they impact the users’ search experience. This section is now appearing at the very top of Google and could become a significant source of traffic and optimization opportunities in the future.

There is still a lot of speculation as to how Google chooses its sources when generating these AI responses, however, we were surprised to find that our recent PR had directly impacted the AI results.

In the previous test, we were looking at the impact press releases have on your website’s organic rankings. We had found a strong correlation in the rankings of the PR and the website rankings but were surprised when we started noticing AI-generated responses that were pulling out company info from the branded press release…

Although we don’t know exactly how Google chooses a website to use when generating AI responses, it is apparent that the Google News section seems to carry some kind of weight. This would make sense since Google wants to ensure all AI responses are the most recent information available.

Between the AI-generated responses pulling our company information along with the website’s rankings correlating with the rankings of the PR itself, it’s clear that optimizing your PRs for target terms is an important part of your SEO strategy, as well as validating their effectiveness.

But of course, we want to keep testing to ensure we fully understand the impacts of PR on SEO, and more importantly, how to enhance our PR optimization so we get even better results. We wanted to see the impact of press releases if they are linking to your website, optimized for target terms, but the PR itself is NOT run by your company. This means the NAP and brand information at the bottom will be for another business.

We also wanted to see if there was any effect of tier linking the PR with our previous PR in this test. Does having your company and previous news referenced by other news impact rankings? Or is the real value from running a press release and getting in Google News, the fact your NAP and brand references are on the press?

We will find out next week when we look at a new test and see if we can’t get some answers. Until next week, happy testing!

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