SEO Updates – August 25, 2023

As you probably already heard, Google began rolling out its August 2023 Core Update. Combine that with the AI integration into the SERPs and that has led to some volatile rankings recently.

The rollout isn’t complete yet, but if you’re seeing shifts we’d love to know about it… Drop what you’re seeing in the Local Client Takeover Facebook group – while you’re there check out what others are saying.

If you have campaigns with us, our team is not just monitoring the update, we’re proactively strategizing. Should you observe any changes in performance, rest assured, we’re already two steps ahead, optimizing and recalibrating.

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The SEO Vault: Episode 204

Have you caught the latest SEO Vault episode?

If you’re trying to outrank big brands and improve your content, Episode 204 is a must for you! We sat down with Damon Burton to uncover his secrets on outsmarting the big players in the SERPs.

He walks through his content creation process so you can achieve the same!

Watch now on YouTube or your favorite podcasting platform.

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