SEO Updates December 04, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

Deal of the week: Spend $500 + and get access to the Live GMB Masterclass Webinar on December 15 @ 12 PM EST

Featured: Increase Your Clients’ Website Traffic By 149%

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 65

Don’t forget The SEO Vault airs live on the Web 20 Ranker Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm EST.

? Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs
? Google Discover Ads Has A New Format Option
? New Google Release: Large site owner’s guide to managing your crawl budget
? Google Core Algo Update
And so much more!

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We Are Back With Another Weekend Deal

This Weekends Deal is sure to not disappoint!

Anyone who spends $500 or more 12/4-12/6 will be granted access to the Live GMB Masterclass Webinar…

Happening live on December 15th, 2020, 12:00 pm, join the Web 2.0 Ranker team as we dive into Secret Test Results, Ranking Data, Internal Strategies and More

Previously this webinar was available only to Level 2 Prize winners of the last Black Friday SEO sale! Those who were previously granted access had to spend $1,500+ making this weekend’s deal a steal!

>>> The Only Way into the Masterclass

We weren’t even going to give people a second chance to get in, but too many people were upset they couldn’t get in…

So this is the one last chance we’re giving for you to gain access before we run the Webby, send out the replays, and lock it up forever.

How Agency Owners Are Increasing Their Clients’ Website Traffic By 149%

In this 4 part guide, together we will explore one of the biggest goals of any SEO campaign: traffic. Leaving nothing behind we’ll show you exactly how we’re getting it for our clients month after month after month.

Part 1: What We’re Up Against
Part 2: Intelligently Designed SEO
Part 3: Evaluating The Results
Part 4: Investing in Future SEO

>>> <<<

With the right SEO campaign, you can do more than rank your client’s site for a few low hanging terms; you can create a strategy that can be used to propel your client’s website rankings more quickly and seamlessly than ever before

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