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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

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SEO Mad Scientist: How powerful is the GMB description?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 66

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? Core Update Continues to Roll Out
? Google Guaranteed Testing New Badge Design
? Google Search Testing Taller Shopping Ads
? Google’s John Mueller Gives SEO Clues To Site Owner

And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hey there scientists!

We are back this week after a short time away, and we want to ask a question.

How much does each item of GMB impact rankings?

Well, we are tearing apart a TON of GMBs to find out!

We have already run some business name tests as well as service areas but what about the description, products, services, or even having hours listed vs not listed?

This will be the start of a series of tests where we will be conducting multiple experiments to see what we can find.

Starting off this week we want to have a look at the GMB description…

Does the GMB description give you any “rank boost” or does it only give you the opportunity to rank for a specific keyword, as we found with the service area?

Or possibly it doesn’t help with anything at all…

The first test we ran was simple but should give us a general idea as to the answers of these questions.

We took a GMB listing that was already ranking well, had a description, and just removed the entire description.

The theory is that if the description provided a ranking boost, then we would see some keyword drops or fluctuations.

If nothing happens then either the GMB description is not a ranking factor, or it gives you the opportunity to show for a term. But, without other signals in place, you won’t really show…

We removed the description from the listing last week and watched the rankings…

We wanted to make sure we could really test the description, so we made sure to track some keywords variations that were only mentioned in the description and no nowhere on the GMB listing. Here is one before and after:


But, Prior to testing this, we did notice something ?

Almost all of the terms we were tracking that were not in the brand but present in the description, were not showing at all.

Some had previously shown for these terms very briefly in close proximity, but not for long…

This leads us to believe that the description may in fact not carry much weight as far as a ranking factor, and may just be a way to get considered for terms. But any real long term rankings will rely much more on signals than the description.

This of course was the theory until we saw the primary terms before and after…

We still have more description tests running, but we feel pretty confident in saying that the GMB description is not only a ranking factor, but a strong one also…

Next week we will be going over some additional signals we are testing, starting with products and services, and give you an update on this week’s results.

See you next week and until then, as always…

Happy Testing!




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