SEO Updates February 12, 2021

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  • SEO Mad Scientist: Are Categories & Business Name The Only Major On-Listing GMB Signals?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 75

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? Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 8th
? Google Related Searches Stuck To Top Of Mobile Search Results
? Google Search Tests Dark Mode Theme Controls
? Google Search May Use Core Web Vitals Data From Non-indexed Pages
? John Mu: Google Search Prefers To Neutralize The Effect Of Spam
? Google Ads Lead Form Now Triggers On Headline Click

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hello Scientists!

Welcome to another SEO Mad Scientist report

As you know we have concluded a ton of GMB category tests lately.

Today we are going over a new test, looking at the last on-listing signals we haven’t discussed yet. But first, we want to do a quick update on a test we have been hinting about lately.

If you watch the SEO vault then you know we were trying to see if any categories would give us a prominence boost versus irrelevance boost like we’ve been seeing. So we tried picking what we thought were “authoritative” local categories to see if maybe that would give us an increase in organic reach for current keywords and not just rank us for additional terms.

Here are a few of the categories we’ve tested with…

Unfortunately, we did not see any increase in reach for any keywords but we wanted to quickly mention the test since we had talked about it previously…

Now some final signals we haven’t tested yet that we need to cross off our list

  • GMB Regular Hours
  • Special Hours
  • Open Date

First let’s say we can only test the effects of adding hours to a listing because once hours are set to a listing you can only edit them, not completely remove them

When adding hours to our Title Loans Miami test listing, we didn’t see any movement for any terms, even ones that we obtained with the recent category changes we did…

So the only real on-listing signals left to test are

  • Image
  • Q&A
  • And the various place you can add outbound links

Which if you didn’t know, provide different/additional options based on your categories leaving us to just a few testing variables ?

Also, another thing to test with outbound links that many may not know about is the ability to put links in product and service descriptions. GMB will stop you from adding it to your business description but not product and services.

What effects does it have?

Find out next week on the SEO Mad Scientist update!

Until then,

Happy Testing!

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