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  • SEO Mad Scientist: How Much Does Optimized GMB Q&A Increase Rankings?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 76

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? Google Search Console Screenshot Hack
? Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Boundaries Changed On February 17th
? Can You Ride The Google Discover Wave?

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SEO Mad Scientist

Welcome back! For this week’s testing, we will take a look at the last few on-listing GMB signals that we haven’t checked out yet.

We are looking at some single variable Q & A tests to see if optimized questions and responses move the needle.

First we ran some geogrids that we knew pulled local results but weren’t showing our listing really. This included emergency plumber and emergency plumbing.

We first tested adding the question with various optimized keywords and ran some geogrids after letting them sit a bit…

Then we responded with a keyword-optimized response and ran another set of geogrids afterward…

So at first glance, it looks like the Question caused a small drop in rankings while the response may have helped it

We will give another update next week. What do you think will happen?

Until then…

Happy Testing!





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