SEO Updates February 26, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week 
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  • Featured Blog Post: The Link Building Metrics That Matter
  • Special Announcement: Scaling Your Agency Webinar March 10th
  • SEO Mad Scientist: Outbound Links and GMB Short URL Tests Results

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 77

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Special Guest: Sophie Allen & Dustin Minch

? How Google uses tokenized data
? Google Mobile-First Indexing
? John Muller: The number of links to a page is irrelevant to SEO
? Gary Illeys: Title Tags longer than google shows get SEO value
? Google: There Is No SEO Reason To Make Bloated Sites

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The Mistake Of Using 3rd Party Site Metrics
For Backlink Qualification

Third-party domain metrics like domain authority, domain rating, and trust flow are unreliable for determining the quality of a backlink.

However, many SEOs still rely on these metrics, particularly Domain Authority, to decide the quality of external domains.


A site’s backlink graph can significantly influence its rankings within search results and 3rd party tools only provide limited insight into how links are weighted by Google.

We’re covering:

  1. Are SEO & Domain Metrics Trustworthy?
  2. Missed Backlinks: Not Enough Resources
  3. How To Avoid Overreliance On Metrics
  4. Misleading Metrics Lead to Ill-Advised Strategy




Scaling Your Agency Webinar March 10th @ 2 pm EST

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SEO Mad Scientist

We’re back for another week of GMB test results as we finish up testing EVERY on-listing signal available on a Google My Business listing.

Let’s start with a quick update from last week’s test before jumping into the 2 other tests we recently ran…

Last week we added a question and answer to a listing and optimized both for various keywords. We did see some interesting movement when responding with answers however the questions themselves did not seem to make a dramatic impact. The movement we did observe was random and could very well be unrelated as well, so let’s see how things are showing now.

We added the following Q & A below:

Here is the current geo grid results for our main target term “emergency plumber”

Then we responded with a keyword-optimized response and ran another set of geogrids afterward…

From the looks of it, the movement we saw initially was just a fluke and currently, we can see no recordable gains by using optimized questions and answers.

Let’s move onto some outbound link tests, specifically appointment links.

When adding appointment links you can add multiple links so we decided to add a few service page links to the appointment section to see if there was any effect.


Since we added web design, search engine optimization, and local SEO pages, let’s see some grids to see if there is any additional movement:

As of now, we see no movement, which is kind of what we expected but still wanted to test. We will do a final report on this next week to see if there is any movement then but our guess is that appointment links arent major signals.

With that said we do know that the GMB website (not the website you make on the GMB listing but your actual website you add to the listing) does move the needle. So we decided to try something fun and add our GMB short link to the GMB listing as the website. Obviously, this doesn’t create the best user experience but we were curious anyways.

Let’s take a look, if you search “title loans Miami” you should find our “Title Loans Miami” listing.

We have reviewed this listing many times in the previous tests so let’s look at the most recent geo grid updates to see if we can find anything…

We saw gains pretty much across the board for all terms related to our primary targets, our brand including title loans, Miami title loans, title loans in Miami, and so on.

Did the movement have anything to do with the GMB short link? We can’t say for sure but of course, we are going to continue testing to get to the bottom of it. Join us next week for another SEO Mad Scientist update.

Until then,

Happy Testing!



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