SEO Updates January 29, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week + Special Guest: Michael Rayburn
  • Deal of the week: 20% Cashback to use at FreshLinks
  • Featured Blog Post: Dodging Difficult Clients
  • SEO Mad Scientist: More GMB Sub Catagory Hacks!

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 73

Don’t forget The SEO Vault airs live on the Web 20 Ranker Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm EST.

Special Guest: Michael Rayburn

? Logos Disappearing From Google Local Listings
? Google Drops Review Snippets For Lawyers
? Google To Stop Supporting In Search This Weekend
? Google Ranks Pages But Overall Site Greatly Influences The Ranking Pages
? John Mu: Google Can Penalize A Network Of Sites For The Same Manual Action

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– You Can Even Listen here

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Dodging Difficult Clients
Warning Signs & How to Deal with Unrealistic Clients

Local Client Takeover has just released a helpful guide to educate agencies on the signs of difficult clients in order to easily identify these types of people early on

  • Warning Signs of Difficult Clients
    Unrealistic Timetables & Expectations
    Protesting Your Prices
    Not Listening to the Research Data
    Insist on Intrusive Web Design
    Name Dropping to Seem Educated
    Needy or Aggressive

  • How to Deal with Difficult SEO Clients
    Set Realistic Timeframes & Expectations
    Stress a Long Term Commitment
    PPC v. Organic: Cost & Benefit
    Charge At Least Industry Averages
    Discuss Previous SEO Upfront

SEO Mad Scientist

Another exciting week at the lab after last week’s findings so let’s jump right to it!

Since last week we have been testing a long list of categories along with different primary categories to see what type of effects these subcategories have.

First, let’s look at the categories we added to another test listing we have been reporting on “Title Loans Miami”

Prior to adding these keywords we didn’t really show for anything but terms and ONLY with “title loans Miami” in them. Our primary service “car title loans” hardly showed at all as well.

This included with our geo modifier…

But just like our other tests. Almost immediately after adding the categories above, we saw instant improvements

In fact we have a big list of terms that showed substantial gains, so many that we could make a book of Local Viking snapshots lol

So here is just a list of terms that previously did not show at ALL.. that now show in the geogrid with minimum position 3 rankings at a node:

emergency loans
car title loans Miami
auto title loans
bank loan
loan service
financial loan
loan company
title loan company
bankruptcy loan

We also saw the same types of gains for “quick title loans” and “fast title loans” by adding “Fast Food Service” to another listing…

We will continue to break down the GMB categories and see if we can find a defined way to determine which categories will be best for your terms but so far it seems fairly simple. If the keywords you want to rank for are included in a category, that category as a sub-category appears to help with the rankings almost every time.

We will see you next week and as always,

Happy Testing!


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