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SEO Mad Scientist: GMB Update, Were Our Test Sites Hit?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 96

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

Special Guest: Bucky Helms

?Google Testing sticky footer with related searches on Chrome mobile

? Google On Third-Party PageRank-Like Metrics
? Machine Learning takes care of obvious spam

? Google: Don’t Worry About Spammy Links From Content Going Viral

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does guest posting still work?


What is Guest Posting and does it still work in 2021?

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SEO Mad Scientist ???


Welcome to another week of the SEO Mad Scientist. Today we’ll be digging into some new single variable tests and organic search results.

We have two single variable tests we wanted to review today where we test a number of indexation variables on a single page to see what Google is currently looking at.

We started out by testing the meta title and seeing how much content Google actually counts in that area. We also tested the same concept using the meta description.

Here are the two specific tests that we ran…

  1. Add a meta title with hundreds of words using a random made-up target term at the end of the title.
  2. Add a meta description with hundreds of words using a random made-up term at the end of the description.

So we created our test page and waited for it to index to review our results…



After that, we begin to check the indexation of our made-up terms to see if our web page has been added to the SERPs for those terms.

Test #1: rqoqmdjfn (meta title)



Test #2: wuklamdn (meta description)



Interestingly enough it appears there is either no limit or an extremely large limit on the amount of terms that Google will count for their index in the Meta title. However, the meta description has a cut-off where they apparently stop considering the content for indexation purposes.

You can see the full title and description below:

Meta title – “Fun Crafts to Keep Your Kids Busy – DeE-Com – Fun, easy kids crafts. Our site provides step-by-step instructions and pictures for making fun toys, games, gifts, and more. It’s also a great place to find out about the latest trends in arts & crafts supplies. A craft site that has a variety of fun and easy to do projects. The perfect place for kids or adults who want to make their own gifts, toys or decorations. Discover fun crafts for kids. Free tutorials and ideas. Make a christmas wreath, teddy bear or create your own soap rqoqmdjfn.”

Meta Description – “Make your own fun crafts with! Find a huge collection of kid’s craft projects and ideas here, perfect for all ages and skill levels. fun and easy kid crafts and activities. free printable instructions for making handprint turkeys, paper plate cats, pinwheels and more. Deecom offers fun crafts for kids. We have a group of craft experts who come up with new and interesting crafts every day. Our goal is to provide an online platform where you can learn, experiment and play with your child in the world of arts & crafts wuklamdn!”

We will need to conduct further tests to see where the actual cut off is with the meta description content as well as how much content can be counted in the meta title.

There’s a possibility because it’s a new serp that it could be taking longer to update and our listing could get added after this as well.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated and make sure to catch us next week for more future updates on the SEO Mad Scientist.

Until then, Happy Testing!






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