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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
Deal of the week: Launch Special – Save Big on AP News Brand Features
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SEO Mad Scientist: Do AP News Links Provide Brand Authority?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 97

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen

Special Guest: Bucky Helms

? Google July 2021 Core Update Effectively Complete (As of July 12th)
? Google Tests Big “Carousel” For More Specific Searches
? Google Local Ranking Changes With Core Update
? Google Discontinuing the Feature to Post in Verified Knowledge Panels

Happening on August 5th, the 100th Episode of The SEO Vault. Be sure to tune in live for your chance to win a ticket to The Local Marketing Mastermind ($1,197 value)

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SEO Mad Scientist ???


Welcome to another week of the SEO Mad Scientist…

As you may know from our previous week’s updates we are still waiting on results from our ongoing CTR tests and we have been running some single variable tests as well, but this week we are going to be talking about branding with AP News…

You may have heard that we Web 2.0 Ranker recently launched their AP News links. These links are meant to be great for brand Authority, so we wanted to do a simple test ourselves by running one for Local Client Takeover.

While we’re waiting for our other tests to show some more data we wanted to show you the results we got from our AP News link test.

First, you can take a look at the link which is still live at the moment. AP News links are guaranteed for 6 months!



Our news link went up April 8th and indexed very quickly then began showing page one for our brand. You can still see it around the number one position if you search for the brand name.

This is something that you don’t always get from a simple press release. Not only does this provide a large amount of brand authority as you can see, being able to steal the fourth position for your brand can also be great for things like reputation defense campaigns.



Even more interesting we wanted to see the impacts of some of the keywords in the title of the press release on the website itself.

Local Client Takeover has a wide range of Target keywords but in general, they include their base terms “local” and “marketing”.

When we look at Google search console for the average ranking position for keywords including these terms we see that our average position has increased in the two months following the press release as opposed to prior to the press release.



Because of the power of the brand these links provide, we are going to continue to use them to test other brand signals and even some tiered links so be sure to watch out in the future for those results.

You can grab your own AP News links now and experience the brand power for yourself.

We should have some more updates from our ongoing test next week so be sure to join us then and until always

Happy Testing…





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