SEO Updates – July 21, 2023

We’ve got a long-awaited update – many of you have been waiting patiently. Both our PBN links & PBN Map Embeds are finally back in action…

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🔬 Does CTR Manipulation Affect GBP Visibility?

Hello there,

We hope this message finds you breaking records, reaching new heights, and expanding the limits of your expectations.

As you might remember from our last update, we shared the stories of our accountant and realtor campaigns. Their Google Business Profiles (GBPs) experienced some positive movements, and we started to see exciting results.

Well, today we’re back with an update that we think you’ll find interesting.

Since our last email, we’ve continued our tests, carefully monitoring the results, taking notes, and refining our approach. Time to let you in on the latest news and break down our insights.

Results for Accountant GBP

We can see that the accountant listing has maintained its elevated visibility as shown below. By continuing the steady amounts of emulated visits towards these GBPs, we were able to maintain the ranking as opposed to seeing it drop back down over the last week. EXCEPT for one category of service queries. (Keep reading to get to the explanation)

Although their rankings increased a bit, this is not enough to make a difference with the inbound leads coming in for them. But before we move further with improving results, we wanted to take a moment to inspect the test campaigns to make sure nothing else may have brought us this improvement

“Payroll services Honolulu”

“Accountant Honolulu”

Results for Realtor GBP

Just like the accountant GBP listing, we can see a small increase in visibility in the maps.

But these aren’t red to yellow. Some ranking improvements landed the listing in the map pack! It is more obvious if you compare the metrics such as ATGR, but we can still confirm that this emulated traffic has a level of effectiveness with increasing visibility. That is, as long as there weren’t any other factors influencing the GBPs.

“Realtor Franklin”

“Listing Agent”

Organic Ranking Movements for The Website’s Pages

Looking into the Accountant business, I could confirm that the organic rankings were overall stagnant as far as not being able to identify a significant trend when looking at the entire domain.

There is no active link building being done for this domain, or any other On Page/Off Page that might be included in an SEO service. There were no new reviews published on either GBPs within this time period.

However, I noticed a specific set of queries that had actually dropped.

Upon further inspection, it happened to also be the one category of service queries that are being reported as experiencing drops in organic search rankings over the last 3 months (according to ahrefs). Therefore, this set of queries shown below are the weakest (of this domain), in regards to organic rankings/traffic, of the ones we are tracking.

So, What Does This Mean?

It means that the emulated traffic and CTR manipulation being done are already suggesting that it may not be a feasible strategy if there is no attention provided on the website side of the campaign.

However, we have only just started with our testing, and we are already wanting to ramp things up a notch.

What Is Next

So far, It’s been all about our strategic engagement with Google, revolving around those specific keywords and triggering local pack results. By continually interacting with the Google Business Profile, we’ve managed to amplify visibility and achieve real, measurable improvements.

But let’s not stop there.

We’re taking our testing to the next level by increasing the frequency of our engagements. The results are fascinating and are giving us a more nuanced understanding of the Google algorithm. But we have started with only 3 emulated interactions per day for our GBPs. So we are going to crank up the frequency and see what it does.

Stay Tuned

Before we start changing up the strategy, we want to answer the obvious question of: why not just ramp it up? Will it be as simple as more traffic, better rankings? Or will we end up seeing drops in all of these rankings? Only one way to find out!

If you want to hear more details about the test campaigns, or if you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Keep shining,

Web20 Team

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