SEO Updates – July 28, 2023

We’ve got a long-awaited update – many of you have been waiting patiently.

Our SEO Pricing calculator bundle just got a major upgrade, thanks to the hard work of our very own, Mark! Say hello to “Smarter Local SEO Pricing,” our latest blog post that unveils the new and improved calculator. Mark has worked tirelessly to enhance its capabilities, revolutionizing the way you approach local SEO strategies and pricing.

🚀 What’s New?

  • Redesigned Interface
  • Tailored Downloadable Content
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategy
  • Addressing Imperfections
  • Unlocking ROI-Based Pricing Strategies
  • Building Custom Cost Models

🧑‍🔬The SEO Mad Scientist 🧪


🔬 We are in the lab testing different variables, we will be back next week with an update!


💰 Mastering SEO Holistically with Alex C. Barr for Client Success 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 200

We’re diving deep into the ever-mysterious world of Google’s algorithm with none other than Alex C. Barr from GrowthFoundryHe’s dropping mind-blowing insights on holistic SEO, providing the BEST services for clients, and achieving stellar results.

Plus, we pulled some SEO news fresh from the oven…

🆕 Hear Google’s take on AI-generated content, what you can expect from the algo update this summer, updated URL structure guidelines, and the latest content types for Google Business Profiles.

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