SEO Updates – June 14, 2023

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🔬 Does CTR Manipulation Improve Indexation for Citations?

Hey there,

From the whole team at Web20Ranker, we’ve got some exciting news that you’re gonna want to hear. Picture this, 50 new citations are built for your client. You wait and wait, but Google never visits them…

So of course, you run it through an indexation service. But still, nothing… It just won’t land in Google Search!

You could always build links to increase its authority until it is deemed worthy of indexation, but without some kind of traffic going towards the page, it will still eventually end up getting removed from Google…

The truth is, the platform has changed (as it always does), and getting content served to Google’s users is not the same process anymore. Indexation is tougher than it has ever been.

So we at Web20Ranker decided to find a new solution. 

We thought, what if we cut to the chase and not build extra links, but instead, bring the traffic needed to keep the citations active on the platform?

It is CTR manipulation magic, but this time, it is aimed at getting those citations indexed faster and for the long term.

Now, we’re only a couple of days into this, so it’s too soon to be spilling the beans about results. But our team is tracking, tweaking, and building the backend needed to get our answers once and for all!

Now let’s say that this test works out the way we want. What does that mean for us SEOs? Well, for many, it could allow us to deliver results faster and more effectively if we regain the control we once had over how fast Google sees our changes.

For domains that are still at low authority and page count, this would be a game changer.

And for the citations that you built, there is less hope that they will index and more predictability for your campaigns.

We wanted to give you the inside scoop on what we’re working on, so you know we’re always pushing the envelope, always looking for the next big thing. Remember, your success is our success. 🙂


Stay sharp, and keep dominating those ranks,

The SEO Mad Scientist Team

💰 Episode Title 💰

The SEO Vault: Episode 198

The newest episode of The SEO Vault is out today…and it’s juicier than a perfectly optimized page.

Our special guest Igor Lebich (the maestro of links) and Victor dissected the secret sauce of anchor text, including their thoughts on how anchor text usage has changed recently.
If you haven’t brushed up on changes to anchor text strategies lately, don’t miss this episode.

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