SEO Updates – June 16, 2023

Happy Friday!

There are many updates happening over here at Web 20 and we’re excited to share them with you.

First, the SEO Mad Scientist is ramping up with an expanded team of testers!
We’ve already set up multiple tests involving ctr, press, and links, which we will update you on in the coming weeks.

You can find more info below on our 1st test – Lasha has an update on one of the CTR tests he is running with old GBP listings.

Second, LCT’s newest course – Local SEO 3.0 – is out now…

Victor’s new Local SEO Course will help you elevate your local SEO game with topics including:

  • The Structure of a Local Campaign
  • Crawling, Mapping, & Competitor Research for a Local Business Website
  • Creating SEO-Optimized Blog Post Content Using GPT-4 (ChatGPT)
  • Google Business Profile Review Acquisition
  • How to Get Help with a New Campaign

Q3 Webby: Accelerating Your Results from SEO

Want to kick your clients’ SEO results into high gear? Circle this on your calendar – July 10th at 12 pm EST.

Victor and friends will be hosting a quarterly SEO webby just for you! This is all about accelerating your SEO success. Secure your spot to learn how we’re speeding up results for clients.

Exciting Changes to the SEO Vault Format

We’re shaking things up to bring you a more engaging podcast experience. The SEO Vault format is getting an update and we’re pre-recording episodes that focus on specific themes, with more topical discussion and less news. New episodes will be available on our Facebook, YouTube, and podcasting platforms every Wednesday.

Watch our 1st pre-recorded episode here.

Don’t forget, we offer both campaign recommendations and link recommendations you can use as customized proposals for your leads. You can also use them as quick, initial audits to get an idea of what the client needs.

Please message us on our website chat or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions. Always happy to help!

To Your Success,
The Web 20 Team

🔬 SEO Mad Scientist Back in Action🔬

🔬 CTR Manipulation with GBP Listings

We’ve been plunging head-first into our tests, setting up multiple new tests, which we will be talking about over the next few weeks.

First, we are beginning to test CTR on some of our older test properties. We’ve been dusting off our old campaigns and using CTR to test how quickly we can get them moving.

Here’s the strategy we’re using to test – interacting with GBPs thru GBP posts, all through mobile devices. Below you can see the changes so far…

After a week, this strategy had woken up a campaign from its long hibernation. 2 out of 3 campaigns saw improvement within this time, but we will continue to test more.

This wasn’t just a quick pick-me-up – we’re talking about the campaign that had been stagnant for months, now coursing with newfound energy.

We’ve poked the beast, stirred up the soup, and the results are promising so far. We will continue to test over the next couple of months and update you as we collect more data. Stay tuned for more from the local SEO testing team!

Need to Build More Local Links? Read Vjosa’s Strategies

Our GBP Manager, Vjosa, covered important local link types and where to find them in our comprehensive guide on local link strategies. From leveraging local directories to establishing partnerships with neighboring businesses, our blog provides actionable tips and insights to help you build more links.

Unlock the secrets to success in local link building.

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