SEO Updates – June 23, 2023

🔬Unlock the Power of Google Accounts With This Week’s Test…

Have you wished for an unlimited pool of active Google accounts that actually behave like real users?

The SEO Mad Scientist Lab is back with another new SEO test setup from Bohdan. Our objective? To establish a potentially endless resource of Google accounts that mimic real user behavior. Find out more from the test update below…

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To Your Success,
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🧑‍🔬The SEO Mad Scientist 🧪

🔬 Google Accounts Farming

The digital age has significantly changed the way we create, share, and consume information. At the forefront of this revolution is Google, whose influence can’t be understated. Google accounts hold significant sway in the world of SEO. Their usage in amplifying visibility, boosting links, and enhancing citation frequency for money pages has become a key factor in strategic marketing campaigns.

This SEO test aims to create an automated system to create active Google Accounts and extend the account lifecycles.

These aren’t merely dummy accounts but rather mimic real user behavior to lessen the chances of being promptly blocked. These accounts can then serve a range of SEO needs, from improving your link profile to enhancing your content’s visibility.

Test Setup: Script Road Map

Creating well-functioning Google account farming requires a careful and methodical approach. Here is the roadmap we are using in our current test:

  1. Email Creation (Non-Gmail): The initial step involves setting up an email account outside the Google ecosystem (Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and other email services).
  2. Google Cookie Harvesting: Google is quite fond of cookies, particularly from geo-targeted sites with a Google Analytics counter. We aim to gather between 150-200 cookies to optimize results.
  3. Gmail Registration: Once the email is set up and you’ve harvested enough cookies, proceed to Gmail registration.
  4. Engage with Google Services: After the Gmail account is created, it is crucial to mimic human-like activity on various Google service sites. This can include reading local-relevant news on, setting up events on, uploading photos on, creating documents on, or engaging with content (likes, comments) on
  5. Signup on Popular Websites with the Google sign-in option: We are extending the activity footprint by signing up for popular web services using the newly created Gmail accounts (Yelp, TikTok, WordPress, Dropbox, etc.).
  6. Interact with Google Search and Ads: To further mimic authentic user behavior, type in queries on Google Search, click on ads, and engage with the content on various websites.
  7. Loop and Schedule: To maintain the appearance of constant activity and prolong the life of the accounts, loop steps 4-7 and put them on a schedule. This will continue to create the impression of constant, human-like activity.

By leveraging this type of process, you can gain a significant advantage in SEO efforts. We will be back soon with an update on the initial Google account setups.

Happy Testing,
The SEO Mad Scientist Lab

Please note: While the methods described here can offer opportunities for enhancing your SEO strategies, it’s essential to understand and comply with the terms of service for the platforms you’re using. Ethical and responsible digital practices ensure a sustainable and beneficial internet ecosystem for all.

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