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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
Deal of the week: Pre-Hype 4th of July/Australian Tax Sale 25% off sitewide sale
SEO Mad Scientist: CTR Test Results – Final 30 Day Update

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 94

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

? Google My Business Rush Hours & About Your Company Reports
? Confirmed Google Search Spam Algorithm Update On June 23rd
? Google Local Pack Review Filters Smiley Faces
? Google: Quality Changes Take Several Months To Be Reprocessed & Reevaluated

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back scientists, to another week of SEO testing. If you’ve missed our previous two weeks then you may want to catch up because today we’re doing our final CTR test review (at least for another two or three weeks while we have more tests running)

But before we get into our test details, current results & the tools we used to run them…

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Now, onto today’s test review…

Let’s start off by digging into the details of what was done with this test…

Keyword CTR:

  • 300 visits over 30 days
  • Search Terms: Keywords (random)
    • custom printing
    • company t-shirts
    • printing company
    • print shop
    • printing

Brand CTR:

  • 60 Visits over 30 days
  • Search Term: Simple Merchandising Co.

Both CTR tests were set to randomly click on different things so the interaction with the listing would be completely random…

We’ve gone over some results over the past couple of weeks but let’s take a look at where we’re at today after stopping the campaign about a week ago…


Real quick we have to give a huge shout-out to Michael A Merlino who helped in organizing and running these tests. Michael has been working directly with the SEO Mad Scientist for the past month and is now joining us in exploring ALL the possibilities of CTR manipulation.

You can reach Michael in his Facebook group CTR Geeks, but now let’s look at some snapshots of our current rankings…


Custom printing only showed briefly on June 18th and company t-shirts never showed at all in the top 20, but from our previous updates, you may know that at first we saw what looked like an initial dip in our geogrid rankings and then we came back stronger than originally. This still seems to hold true…

The only way to get a better understanding of these results is to also run additional tests at 60, 90, 180+ days and so on. If we can find any consistent trends in the different campaigns then we can conclude it’s most likely being affected by the CTR.

We would also expect to see a possible drop off in rankings at a certain point, once the CTR is stopped…

This concludes our 30 day CTR test but not to worry, as we said we’ll be back with our additional tests once we get closer to the 60-90+ day mark…

Now, one final note…

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what software we’ve been using to run these CTR tests…

More importantly, what makes the software we’re using different than any other software that uses local IPs or bots to try to manipulate CTR…

Unlike other software, this one requires you to download it locally and run it from your computer. When running a campaign it performs the CTR manipulation from other people’s local installations. This means the searches are done through other people’s local computers and not through purchased IPs of any kind.

The software we are using is called GMB Viper and is actually a part of a suite of tools that allows you to do the same CTR manipulation campaigns on Google or YouTube as well.

In future tests will be exploring CTR manipulation for our website and videos as well and seeing how the software works when combined into one campaign as well.

Be sure to come back next week and stay up to date on our testing results and don’t miss our next CTR tests…

Until then,

Happy Testing





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