SEO Updates March 05, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week 
  • Deal of the week: SEO Life Swag Weekend of Giveaways
  • Featured Blog Post: Chaz joins HighLevel for an interview!
  • Special Announcement: Scaling Your Agency Webinar March 10th
  • SEO Mad Scientist: Link Loop Test – We didn’t expect this to help…

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 78

Don’t forget The SEO Vault airs live on the Web 20 Ranker Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm EST.

Co-Host: Sophie Allen

? Google March 2021 Search Ranking Algorithm Update
? Google Chrome to start using scroll to image and video links similar to scroll to text in riche snippets and search.
? SEM Rush is going public under SEMR on the NY stock exchange
? Google On Pagination: Noindex pages that require the previous pages for context.
? Google Recommends Pyramid Navigation Structure For Large Sites

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SEO Life Swag Weekend of Giveaways




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In this episode, Chaz joins HighLevel to cover:

? Why you should think of local SEO for your clients
? What does Google use to determine what goes in a Map Pack Track
? Why is GMB so important
? 3 Google terms: Prominence, Relevance, Distance
? Ranking factors not as relevant for 2021

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Scaling Your Agency Webinar March 10th @ 2 pm EST

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Are you ready to manage your lead flow better?

We will pull the curtain back and take a look at a popular software many agencies are using to streamline and manage their lead flow. As well as covering how to use the many functions to increase your agency capacity and service offerings.

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SEO Mad Scientist


Welcome to another exciting week scientists. We start off our update with a giant Google Slap in the face ?

It seems the test listing where we added multiple appointment links last week got suspended.

This is now the second GMB listing we have had suspended from our tests to date. At the point of this update, we had been exclusively using the GMB mobile app for updating GMB info on the listing which we still believe is the safest way to do so from our experience. This listing was most likely suspended due to the fact it was a fake listing and we added 3 service pages as appointment links. Still not too bad for all the edits and updated tests we have done.

We will come back to the outbound link tests another day as our test listing is now suspended, but let’s take a look back at another test from last week. One of our “just for fun” tests that we really don’t know what to make of yet. As you can see we are seeing some consistent gains:


So we see the gains on the GMB as well as our geo grids:

Why is this so interesting!? Because all we did was add the GMB short link as the website to the GMB listings (

Like we said we don’t really know what to think of this but are currently playing around with listing other Google URLs and testing other citations.

As you may know, we are also moving into some image tests for the upcoming weeks. This week we are doing a quick update on the “business owner posting” image. There are many different ways and types of users that can add images to a GMB listing so we need to test one at a time. In this test, we took a local photo to where the GMB is located with our phone, optimized the name for our target keywords, and uploaded the photo to our GMB with an optimized description through the GMB mobile app…

We are still waiting for any kind of result while we test adding images as a third party as well as optimized images being used as the logo or banner.

Be sure to catch next week’s update when we dig into our image tests more and see if we can make any sense of our GMB short link test. Until then…

Happy Testing!





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