SEO Updates March 12, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week 
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  • SEO Mad Scientist: New Image Upload Tests: Do Images Help?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 79

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen

? Large Unconfirmed Google Local Search Algorithm Update Yesterday
? Google Posts Spike In Rejection Notices
? Google Search Console Q&A and FAQ Reports Upgraded
? Google Preparing For New Search Console Functionality

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SEO Mad Scientist


Welcome to another exciting week of the SEO Mad Scientist!

First up we have an update from last week’s GMB short link test and then we will dig into some image test results. So the big question from last week’s “odd” test is, did the rankings stick?




Our base terms seem to be steady. We also saw some correlation in geo terms as well…


Because of this being an exact match keyword brand with the keyword in the GMB short link, we have initiated some additional link tests to the custom GMB link URL which we believe is where any value would be coming from if we were seeing movement due to this experiment.

More on that next week but let’s look at an image test right now…

A fairly simple experiment we did was, while in the business service area, took a picture of a bathroom and posted it to a plumbing GMB with a description about completing emergency repairs on time as the business. We also took a picture and uploaded it as a customer…


Both images are the same but the business upload has an optimized description and the photo by the customer had the image renamed to our “emergency plumbing” keyword before updating. It’s been about a week and still no movement for any “emergency” keywords…



We are continuing to add additional optimized photos from both ends, business, and customer, and will be back with another update next week. It could take more than one local signal like image uploads to take effect. If so we will find out.

See you next week with more updates and until then…

Happy Testing!



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