Seo Updates March 18 & 19, 2022


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[SEO Mad Scientist] Our 2021 Annual SEO Testing Report is Published

Episode 132

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen

What we discussed this week… 


✔ Google Search Ranking Update Weirdness on March 11th

✔ Google Page Experience Update Metrics Can Be Split Into Sections Of Your Site

✔ Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Not Fully Fixed Yet

✔ Answered: Do you guys care much about SERP results for home services companies these days?

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back to another SEO test update with the SEO Mad Scientist.

Last week we talked about out GBP site test where we were testing the SEO value between using a GBP website as the website on your listing, versus a branded URL hosting an external website.

We are now in the 3rd phase of our test having added our inner pages to the website. 

unnamed (19)

So far we haven’t seen much movement with adding the inner pages so we are holding off another week before moving onto phase 4.

We are still seeing consistent increase gains in the listing having switched from the GBP website to a personal website URL but there is a very clear dip in exposure immediately after having made the URL change, and even posting and crawling our inner pages. 

unnamed (20)

We assume this is Google re-evaluating the property now that it has more data. Although it is a loose observation, it may explain why we see even more fluctuations in GBP listings now when doing optimization, compared to previously.

If we don’t see any movement from adding the inner pages over the next week then we will continue with phase 4 of our test to see if we can gather any more data to support our theory that using a private website on your GBP listing is more valuable then using the GBP listing.

Be sure to check back next week when we dive back into our deep link Unicode test and check back on those results.

Until next week.

Happy Testing! 

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