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[SEO Mad Scientist] Which gives a better boost – Google-provided site or GBP site?

Episode 130

Co-Host: Mike Milas

What we discussed this week…


✔ Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Errors

✔ IndexNow Added To Duda, All In One WordPress & Rank Math SEO Plugins

✔ Google Local Panel Showing Confirmed By Phone Call (Duplex Related)

✔ Answered: How exactly do you find Search Intent? Can you show an example of a keyword “Art Classes Calgary”

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hey there SEO mad scientists and welcome back to another SEO testing update.

If you saw the SEO Vault this week then you know that last week’s test had some technical difficulties when our site went down so our results are inconclusive at the moment. This week we decided to go over another small test that’s been in progress.

The initial question was, “does using your own private website for the GBP website provide a better boost than using the Google-provided site?”

To start off this test we simply took the web page provided by Google, copied it, and put it up on our own website then changed out the website on the listing.

No content, no optimization…

The only variable is the URL itself which both are keyword optimized.

So far we have seen no movement for our primary term

unnamed (17)

Simply taking the content from a top-ranking relevant site, changing the uni code, and putting it on our website, didn’t show any results from last week’s test and when looking at the results today we see the same thing. One of our theories is that the page linked to the GBP gets most of its authority from inner links and inbound links from other websites and not so much the exact URL itself.

If this is true then a GMB website would be just as effective as a standalone website provided that the proper pages and silos were built around the site.

Since simply changing the domain showed very little movement we are moving on to step two of building out 3 inner pages with target service terms that inner link back to the homepage and then we will link the homepage to these 3 pages.

After we see those results, the final part of the test will consist of changing the homepage back to the Google My Business website and adjusting the interlinking of the current domain to point to the Google My Business site instead of the homepage of our domain, which will then 301 redirect to the GBP website.

If our theory is correct then we should see little movent from the first and final test (which so far is true), while some movement should happen when adding our service pages and “inner” linking.

Next week we’ll be back on a regular test schedule as we’ve reset up our image hotlink/Unicode test and hope to have more results then.

Until then,

Happy testing! 

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