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  • SEO Mad Scientist: GMB Signals (What Works Now?)

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 87

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Co-Host: Mike Milas
Special Guest: Bucky Helms

? New Blog Post: How to Report Local Wins to Clients
? Google: Adding Images To Your Pages Won’t Make You Rank Higher
? Google added a business selection drop-down feature to the Google My Business contact us form
? What to do about clients canceling and back charging

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Local Backlink Strategy To Boost 3 Pack And Organic Rankings

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Local Backlink Strategy To Boost 3 Pack And Organic Rankings
Complete Local Link Training, Plus Live Example Campaign

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Phase Three – Establishing Authority
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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hello again SEO scientists! This week we’re going to be talking about some GMB SEO local tests using off listing signals.

There are many different types of signals you can build to a GMB, or business location which generally consist of the name, address, and phone number as well as other Geo and Niche relevant terms.

We have long seen ranking results from various structured and unstructured citations but wanted to do a single variable test using unstructured citations to see what type of result we would get with that on its own.

We also wanted to test these types of signals leveraging map embeds which, we have also seen positive movement from previously in campaigns, but haven’t run a single variable test in over 2 years.

As you can see from the details below we leverage the NAP along with the map, as well as other references to local citations…

Before beginning, we took a geogrid snapshot that you can see shows we were not showing at all for our key terms.

This is an earlier snapshot so you can see that there were no rankings showing at all. The primary term was partially in the business name but even after being indexed and left for a bit Google still was not giving us any relevance for these terms.

It actually wasn’t until April 21st that we started to build the signals and it was only a few days after that we started to see the listing show for all of our target keywords, not just the one in the snapshot.

These are the signals that we normally use when running a press release or building any other type of unstructured citation but in our test, we wanted to keep it simple and use something that we controlled so we built all of these signals just using our PBN and map embeds.

At this point, we don’t know exactly which part of these signals are delivering results, but when Google was not showing us for any of our key terms and began to almost immediately after building the pbn map embed signals, it’s clear that these types of signals appear to move the needle.

We look forward to finding out in some more granular tests in the future which part of these signals move the needle the most but until then if you would like to test yourself and let us know the results you can grab our pbn map embeds here:

We would love to hear what you find when testing so let us know and until next time…

Happy Testing!

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