SEO Updates – May 19, 2023

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On this week’s SEO episode, we discussed the importance of a well-structured multi-language site. It allows businesses to reach a wider audience and improve SEO performance across different language versions. We shared tips on content organization, hreflang tags, and translation optimization.
Another topic we covered was Google’s reduction of local pack results in web search. This change can affect businesses trying to improve local visibility. We explored the reasons behind it and provided insights on adapting local SEO strategies accordingly.
We also talked about Google Bard’s new feature displaying citations, similar to Bing Chat. This can provide users with more context and credibility in search results. We discussed optimizing content to benefit from this update and attract organic traffic.

Lastly, we discussed Google’s helpful content update, which can demote or promote content based on quality and usefulness. We shared strategies for creating authoritative content that aligns with Google’s guidelines and can improve visibility and rankings, + other SEO news mentioned below…

SEO Updates & News:

Google +Topic Search Bar Refinements Finally Goes Live On Desktop

Google Helpful Content Update Can Demote & Now Promote Content

Google Bard Now Shows Citations Like Bing Chat

> Google: No Plans For Historical Data With Search Console to BigQuery Bulk Data Export 

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 191

Hosts: Mike Milas + Victor Perez

What we discussed this week…

✔️ How to improve SEO performance across different language versions

✔️ The new updates to the helpful content system that it can now not only demote unhelpful content but now also promote

✔️ Google Bard now shows citations like Bing Chat

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Answered: On location pages, do you link to the GBP for the business or to the address of the business?

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