Seo Updates May 20 & 21, 2022


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Impacted by the Unconfirmed Update?

Episode 141

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…


✔ Google Ads Tests Replacing Ad Label With Sponsored Label

✔ Google Shows Video Thumbnail In SERPs Without Embedding Video On Page?

✔ Google May Replace FID With INP (Interaction to Next Paint) For Core Web Vitals

✔ Google Hotel Results Using Reviews For Things To Do & Review Summaries

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SEO Mad Scientist 🧪🥼🔬

Welcome back to another exciting week of the SEO mad scientist. In the next two weeks we’re going to be looking at some outbound link tests. The question we’re looking to answer is how beneficial are outbound links? And more importantly what type of outbound links are beneficial?

We have a series of pages with different outbound link variations to test how the different outgoing strategies affect organic ranking.

We’re also going to play with the number of links, relevance, placements, and many other factors to see what is the most effective.

In our first test, we are going to test a small number of outbound links in a list format, and reference the top-ranking page in Google for each long-tail keyword we can find for our primary term.

This is often a strategy used for internal linking in siloing for on-site content but because we do not have this content on our site, we are going to test the effectiveness of linking externally to it. The theory is that if the relevance of this inner linking content is where its value comes from, we may be able to simulate the same linking relevance with outbound links.

If our Target term is “dental implants Miami”, we will search terms like “dental implants Miami jobs”, “dental implants Miami cost”, and “dental implants Miami marketing”. The top-ranking page for each term was put in a list at the bottom of the page with a do-follow outbound link.

Our Term is “patent lawyer san jose” so we took the top ranking site for:

  • “patent lawyer san jose diretory”
  • “patent lawyer san jose reviews”
  • “patent lawyer san jose cost”
  • “patent lawyer san jose jobs”
  • “patent lawyer san jose sallary”
  • “patent lawyer san jose degree required” 

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We then submitted the page to Search Console to be reindexed.

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As of today, the page has been recalled in the past 24 hours so we are yet to know if we are seeing any immediate effects.

Next week we explore a similar test with contextual upon links as opposed to list form.

Join us next week for another update and are outbound link list test, and a look at new tests to come. See you next week!

Happy testing 🙂 

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