SEO Updates – May 26, 2023

Save the Date for the Local SEO 2.0 Launch

Happy Friday! (& 3-day weekend if you’re in the US…)

We have an exciting update on the Local SEO Course 2.0 – a launch date!

Friday, June 9th you will be able to access the FULL course. If you haven’t watched the 1st module, be sure to catch up on the course before next Friday.

Victor has been diligently preparing for the upcoming release, so you don’t want to miss out on his knowledge nuggets.

The more you spend, the more you save through Tuesday!

Our Memorial Day Weekend Sale is in full swing, with extra savings unlocked depending on how much you spend.

🔴 Apply code RED and save 15% when you spend up to $2,500.
⚪️ Apply code WHITE and save 20% when you spend $2,501 – $5,000.
🔵 Apply code BLUE and receive 25% off, along with 5% cashback store credit, when you spend $5,001 or more.

To maximize your discounts, we recommend using store credits to unlock the highest discount level. These credits never expire, so they’ll be there whenever you need them, whether it’s today or in the future.

✨ BONUS: $3,500 Giveaway ✨

Who doesn’t love the thrill of winning?

With every purchase made during the sale, you automatically enter our amazing giveaway, where you could win:

(1) GMB Accelerated Campaign – All 3 Phases ($1,299 value)
(1) SEO Accelerated Elite Campaign ($1,297 value)
(1) 20 Hours of Custom Signals
(1) Premium Press Release

If you’re unsure about the ideal choice for your clients, we highly recommend utilizing our comprehensive buying guides. Each guide is designed to provide tailored recommendations for various scenarios:

By leveraging these resources, you can make informed decisions that align perfectly with your clients’ needs.

🌟 In addition to the local SEO course, we are almost done revamping and enhancing the Whitelabel sales materials to offer you an even more powerful prospecting framework.

You’ll save valuable time while producing exceptional sales enablement resources tailored specifically to your business. Brace yourself for an elevated sales experience!

Missed our Q2 webinar?

You can watch the replay here and learn about the essential optimizations required to rank your online entity and boost your SEO performance!

In this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we explored the various ways to utilize the different plugins available within GPT-4, showcasing the expanded capabilities of this powerful language model. Instead of discussing the release itself, we delved into the practical applications and benefits of leveraging these plugins for different tasks.

Another topic covered in the episode was the expansion of language assistance selection within Google Business Profiles. Google continues to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility by offering language support to a broader range of users.

Additionally, we discussed Google’s recent tests involving the placement of a “Services” button at the forefront of local and map search results. This change aims to streamline the user journey, allowing individuals to quickly access information about the services offered by a business without the need to navigate through multiple pages. By prominently featuring the “Services” button, Google aims to improve user convenience and help businesses showcase their offerings more effectively… + other SEO news mentioned below…

SEO Updates & News:

Google Business Profiles Expanding Language Assistance Selection

John Mueller Of Google On Gambling With SEO Shortcuts

Google Search Console Reporting Glitch With Video Traffic May 4-17

> Google Rich Results Test Tool Gains Brings Back Code Button 

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To Your Success,
The Web 20 Team

Local SEO Case Study For A Multi-Location Franchise Business In The Sports Medicine Industry

Are you wondering how to effectively rank multi-location clients and achieve impressive local SEO results? Read this case study to see the exemplary Local SEO approach that delivered outstanding outcomes for our multi-location franchise client.

Specifically, we will explore the utilization of our Bulk Onboarding/Implementation capabilities and the strategic advantages provided by our Agency Partnership Program.

This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 192

Hosts: Mike Milas + Victor Perez

What we discussed this week…

✔️ Further uses of AI outside of the content

✔️ How to use different plugins for multilanguage SEO.

✔️ Google Business Profiles Expanding Language Assistance Selection

Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Answered: Should we stop putting our services as products?

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