SEO Updates November 13, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

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SEO Mad Scientist: Does the GMB Mobile App Give You an Advantage?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 62

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? SEO pricing tool live
? Google Page Experience Update To Launch May 2021 With New Snippet Labels
? Google My Business Reviews Publishing Delayed
? XML Sitemap is a minimal baseline for any serious website
And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Welcome Back, Scientist!

We’re back with another quick update from the SEO Mad Scientist.

It’s been a busy week and it’s been hard picking what tests we want to report on so we decided to give you a quick update on a few of our tests…

Last week we went over another SAB GMB listing test and if you watched the SEO Vault yesterday then you know about a few tests and things we have been playing around with recently.

First, we wanted to bring up the GMB mobile app edits that Mike mentioned on the SEO vault.

In the past week, we have now made a total of 15 GMB edits to 9 different listings through the GMB mobile app. So far the ONLY edit that has given us problems is moving the address which caused a soft suspension that required re-verification to make edits (that was expected)

So far ZERO hard suspensions

Now we don’t want to say using the app is 100% safe but we are continuing to push the limits. We have even taken a fake listing that we have reported on in the past (My Marketer) and attempted to change the category and name to one of the “spammier” categories we could think of, pest control.

Within 3 hours both changes were approved even though we didn’t update the website, my, or remove/change any of the marketing posts we previously published.

However, we have noticed that although the change occurred, we are seeing some weird filtering currently in the local SERPs.

We show up in maps when searching “pest control guys Chicago”, but currently do not show for “pest control guys in Chicago”, “pest control service Chicago”, and other similar terms…

We then did a “search from location” using Bright Locals local search tool, and confirmed that we could not find our listing on any of the pages in maps. We also checked “plumbers near Gettysburg” while in Hanover and Gettysburg and found the same results, no listing…

This makes us believe that the switch in a category is the main reason our Chicago listing isn’t showing immediately. Changing the category may have triggered a spam score that caused a temporary filter.

If changing categories can cause this then the question is.. does adding categories to an established listing cause the same effect? More importantly, could it impact the other category rankings and how?

We are now in the process of testing subcategories, how they may impact the listing, and more importantly the SERPs. Does adding a category allow you to show for certain terms in a given area, similar to how service area allowed us to show in other locations local SERPs.

We will be sure to let you know our findings, but before we go we want to talk about one more local test that we will be going over this week and next.

The question was, will Google rank a service business page better if it also included a local directory?

We often see local businesses and directory listings in organic local search. Both provide a slightly different experience based on the intent of the searcher. So if we were to include both types of search intent in our content, would the page rank better..?

The test is simple as Yelp and other directories usually don’t have much unique content outside of NAP.

Similar to our old duplicate content “event” test we did earlier this year, we are simply searching for our service term plus location and taking the top 10 Listings from Google Maps and adding them to the top or bottom of our service page.

We decided to test this by putting it at the top and bottom to see if there is a difference in the effects as whatever Google does not read first could impact their understanding of the intent of the content.

Next week we are going to release the data from our first test sites using the service/directory method and see what we can find.

Do you think combining these types of content will help our rankings? Or could it possibly confuse Google causing rankings to go down?

Find out next week with the SEO Mad Scientist!

Until then, as always…
Happy Testing

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