SEO Updates November 19, 2021

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
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SEO Mad Scientist: Inner Linking Emojis

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 115

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Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

? Google November Core Update
? Revamped Google PageSpeed Insights Is Live
? Google now provides an SEO checklist
? Google Says It Is Promoting More Local News In Search Results

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hey Scientists!

Last week we were talking about our emoji tests and some of the new tests we have underway. Today we want to talk about that specific test and what we did…

With the first test, we are inner linking emojis. As you may remember from last week’s example, when searching for “? merch” Google brings up an Amazon page that has a t-shirt with a “rabbit face”. We believe Google has made this association by seeing the co-citations found online.

So we took a test page on our website, added a random term, searched for the term on Google with “emoji” on the term, and took what Google gave us as our inner linking anchor text. The keyword we used was:

Our test term – purple cow attorney

So we searched “cow emoji” and replaced the term “cow” with the emoji, and put inner links around the site using the anchor text “purple cow attorney” or “purple ? attorney”…

It has been about a week so it may be too early to tell. Make sure to join us next week for an update on our inner linking emoji tests, and find out more about our off-page emoji anchor text linking tests.

See you next week, and until then, as always…

Happy Testing!

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