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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
Weekend Deal: Black Friday SEO Sale
SEO Mad Scientist: More SEO Emoji Fun. Do Emoji Links Work?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 116

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Co-Host: Mike Milas +  Bucky Helms
Special Guest: Eldar Cohen + Jessie Taylor

? 50% Of SEOs Not Seeing Impact From Google November 2021 Core Update
? Google Structured Data Markup Helper Is Outdated
? Google Confirmed Crawling Bug But Said There Were No Negative Effects
? Google Image Search Tests New Related Image Carousel

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SEO Mad Scientist ???


Hey there Mad Scientists. Glad to see you back for another update on our exciting emoji test!

If you haven’t been following along we’ve been testing emojis again as we found some interesting things in the SERPs

When searching an emoji in the search bar with related terms it’s clear that we can see Google is cross-referencing the relevance of what the emoji is in relation to what they believe the intent is you are searching.



However, we have seen more emphasis on Google correlating the relevance of the emoji to a term versus a term to an emoji.

If you search “rabbit face t-shirt”, you generally will not get listings with emojis in them but if you search “? t-shirt”, you will see results for rabbit face t-shirts that don’t have emojis on the page. If you do searches like “rabbit face symbol” you will find emojis. This gives us another look into how Google is cross-referencing the relevance based on search intent…



Last week’s test did have some issues due to the emojis not showing up correctly on the page. Because of this, we looked into some more data to see if we could find any type of movement from our efforts, but it appears that all of our test terms, including “scale purple cow attorney”, were not impacted.


This leads us to believe that whatever correlation Google is making with the emoji and the relevant terms, is not as simple of a signal as putting an emoji on a web page or using it as a backlink.

We are repeating this test one more time with a more relevant emoji, and instead of a fake keyword, we are going to target the brand…

This means that our anchor text and links will have our emojis and we will also be building off-page anchor text links with the same emojis.

If we see a result we’ll go back and do a more granular test but this will give us an overall understanding if we can see any type of result from these types of links.

Be sure to check back next week for another update on emoji interlink and backlink testing…

Until then, happy testing!




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