SEO Updates October 09, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

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SEO Mad Scientist: SAB GMB Tests & More GMB Test Findings

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 57

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? New GMB Metrics Coming
? Web Stories in More Places
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SEO Mad Scientist

Welcome back SEO Scientists to another week of tests and updates!

If you have been following along, you know we have a lot of GMB & GMB Site tests currently running so we’re jumping right into some things we have seen over the past week…

Our GMB EMD Site with relevant content and no address listing, doesn’t seem to be completely filtered in the organic search anymore for the keyword terms. It is only coming in and out of rankings here and there which could be the “Exact Match Brand” algo holding it back but not completely stopping it from showing.



But, Maps looks like it has a listing, although nothing to write home about, we found it on page 7 when doing a “search from” in Miami, Florida by using Bright Local’s search tool


Technically we are listing #140, but still showing for local search. We believe that the EMB is the reason for these rankings mostly, but it is interesting that it is showing Florida (where our SAB is) but has no pin on the map for us as we are really in Pennsylvania.

The GMB dashboard metrics show a high increase in exposure as well…



Its really hard to tell where the traffic is coming from with GMBs limited data but hopefully with new metrics on the way, we may know more soon.…

Organic rankings for the Miami GMB Site however are performing worse than another GMB site test site that has the address listed. This is also an EMD site but this site has no content, just the EMB with the address and contact info…


With Content, No Address: First Ranking Snapshot Above (Poor Rankings)

No Content With Address: Second Ranking Snapshot Above (Ranking Well)

Next week we are going to review some more results from similar tests to see if we can draw any conclusions.

  • Do GMB Sites rank better organically when the address is listed?
  • Is there an Exact Match Brand that filters GMB Sites from organic search?
  • If Google will rank a EMB for a local keyword, will they rank a EMB for a non-local keyword?

Next week we will have some more results for you that we think will connect the dots a bit better but until then, tell us what you think in the group

Until Next Week Then,

Happy Testing…



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