SEO Updates October 16, 2020

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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week

Deal of the week: 20% cashback on all Product Bundles

New Service Spotlight: Lawyer SEO Campaigns

SEO Mad Scientist: More GMB Proximity Tests

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 58

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? Pricing calculator to include service recommendations
? Just launched – Google Podcasts Manager
? Canonicalization and mobile-indexing issues still happening
? Google Search Asking Searchers To Leave Online Purchase Reviews
 And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hey there SEO Scientists…

If you watched the SEO Vault yesterday then you already have an idea of what we are going to talk about today.

This week we are doing another review of our SAB test where we created a verified listing without an address and set the service area to a different city and state.

It was an EMB (Exact Match Brand) listing for which we created a GMB website. The GMB site immediately showed for its geo keyword rankings organically but maps would not show in the geo-location, only in the location it was actually verified in. This makes us believe that setting a service area in GMB has no impact on the proximity signals.

As of last week, we did a report on seeing it in the maps listings when searching from the location, Miami, although the organic rankings hadn’t returned for the GMB site.

You can view the GMB site here to get an idea as to what optimization was done…

Here are the rankings as of yesterday ⬇⬇⬇


So what changed from the time our organic rankings dropped off and we weren’t showing in local maps, to showing in local maps and our rankings coming back?

  • Data Aggregators
  • Essential Citations
  • Secondary Citations
  • Citation Booster

Now we are still VERY far along from actually ranking in the geolocation well, but to see these kinds of results from off-page for a site that has ZERO proximity signals, shows us the power of local citations for prominence signals.

Our next test will be to run a Press Release as well as do some local citations. We may never rank at the top due to having no proximity signals, but that should give us a good idea of how much structured and unstructured local citations impact prominence signals.

Once we get our final results we are going to set up some more listing to retest these variables…

While we wait for that, we have some exciting tests coming next week. These tests involve duplicate content and canonicals, some of which have been running for over a year.

In short, we are going to tell you how we took 100% duplicate content from a ranking website and got Google to swap out their ranking page with ours.

Until Next Week,

Happy Testing…





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