SEO Updates – October 6, 2023

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Hey SEO Mad Scientists,

We’re back with our first test update for our topical relevance test! In our initial test setup, we launched a brand new website with no links, age, or relevance (outside of the keyword-rich domain). We are initially targeting TV mounting terms in NYC.

It’s been a little over a month since we launched the initial website with 32 pages and 2 blog posts. (launched Sept. 1st)

During this time, the team has been feverishly building blog posts (2-3 posts per business day) and performing on-page to the existing content. At the time of reporting, we had built 37 blog posts for the site.

Almost exactly one month after the website launch, we began to see some promising results. 39 keywords are now ranking on our site, a significant improvement from virtually no keywords ranking previously.

Surprisingly, many of the terms were ranking on page 2!

These aren’t obscure, low-volume terms. We’re talking about keywords with meaningful volume in the bustling NYC scene.

These ranking changes are pretty new… just popping up in the last couple of days.

So it’s taken just over a month and 30+ blog posts to build topical relevance that allows the site to rank.

While not all keywords were showing as high, the sheet number of keywords we became relevant for showed promising results.

We will continue to produce more topically relevant content and further optimize the existing content. Once we have notable updates (or lack thereof) we will report back!

Happy testing,

The SEO Mad Scientist Testing Team

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