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What Happens to Rankings When You Reopen a Closed Listing?

This Week in the Lab with SEO Mad Scientist

GBP Indexation: When Should You See Results from Your Optimization?

We are back with another update on our GBP listing. If you missed our update two weeks ago, we put up a new GBP listing and optimized various parts of the listing for different products or services we offered. We then started tracking the keywords’ progress to see which optimization areas responded the quickest when going live. More specifically, on a new listing…

Last week we had just begun to show for our brand and primary category. Only exact match terms to the category and business name have been showing essentially.

We created the listing on August 10th, brand and category terms started showing after two days, and it has now been 18 days (written 8/28/2022), and there has been no change to any of our keywords showing outside of the brand and category…

Since there were no major changes to our listing yet, let’s take a quick look at last week’s closed listing to review something we noticed…

If you remember, last week, we were looking out our listing that we had marked “temporarily out of business” in Google Business Profile.

We had observed a complete loss of traffic and most rankings for some keywords. However, we still saw many variations of keywords ranking, and some even go up in ranking (which may just be a coincidence)…

However, we noticed that when we looked at GBP Insight, the exact keywords that Google told us we were getting traffic for, were no longer ranked in our geographical area.

unnamed (46)

Print shop, the GBP category, is the most obvious example where “print shop” is a term Google shows as generating traffic, as opposed to “printing shop,” which had no local searches…

unnamed (47)

Or specifically the poster keywords:

unnamed (48)

It’s almost as if instead of Google is filtering the listing based on traffic. When we marked the business as temporarily closed, it seems Google didn’t “delist” the maps listing. Instead, they just took known traffic data and suppressed those specific searches.

This is complete speculation but seems like it would possibly make sense as suppressing know searches with traffic would require less work than referencing all “possible” keyword searches and suppressing them all (essentially delisting it but not deindexing it)

If our theory is correct, then Google we would expect that Google “unsuppresses” these specific SERPs once the business is marked open again. We have been waiting to mark the business open to see if any of these other terms would lose their rankings, but they seem to hold strong.

So as of September 1st, we have marked the listing open again.

Join us next week as we wait for the effects of the business listing being “reopened.”

Until next week, Happy testing! 🙂

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