The SEO Vault: Episode 110

The SEO Vault: Episode 110

Episode 110 Table of Contents
Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Jessie Taylor

– John Mueller – “SEO is all about not requiring search engines to read your mind”

– John Mueller – “basic SEO does not equal easy SEO”

– Google Merchant Center Allows One Feed For All Countries

– Google Tests Query Based Google Suggest Footers

And So Much More!

3:06 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Speakers and Itinerary Announced
– Interactive Mastermind Format – 2 Full Days Of Sessions (Saturday & Sunday) – Hands-On Workshops – Highest Access Level Comes With EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Discord Group To Work On More Advanced Topics (Agency Automation & Sales + More)
– One Topic Presented By Victor – Local SEO Strategies For Long Term Rankings – Avoiding Cheap Tactics That No Longer Work But Are Still Commonly Used – Using An Analytical Approach To Guide A Campaign – When To Use Data From A Tool Vs Voiding Misinformation – How Campaigns Should Differ From Each Other + More!
– Dynamic Event – Can Fit 3x The Previous Amount Of People
– You Will Leave With The Pieces Of YOUR Agency That You Need!
– At Certain Access Levels You Gain “Accountability”
– 12 Month Group Comes With Networking & Quarterly Calls
– Learn More About The Mastermind Here: Local Marketing Mastermind
– Confirmed Speakers – Chaz Edwards – Jessie Taylor – Mike Milas – Mike Rayburn – Eldar Cohen – Bucky Helms – Sophie Allen – Jon Kaufman – Traci Rayburn – Jason Guy – Victor Perez + James
– Not Just Web20 Team – All Speakers Will Be In The Exclusive Access Group
– To Learn More About The Weekend Update Subscribe To Web20Ranker: Subscribe
– YouTube Is Now Live With The SEO Vault On YouTube (Thursdays Around 4ish): SEO Vault Archives
– Weekend Deal: Custom Signals Sale – Save 30% Off Citations (Niche, Free NAP Update, Free Unique Content) – Niche Citations – THIS WEEKEND ONLY
– New Blog Post On Linkbuilding – “Does Scholarship Linkbuilding Still Work?”

10:57 SEO News For The Past Week
Google Merchant Center Allows One Feed For All Countries

SERP Changes/Tests
– Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Report Adds Granular Scores

– Google Tests Short Videos On Desktop Results

– Google Search Interactive Guitar Tuner

– Google Has Introduced 2 New Help Documents

– Google Has Updated Three Of Its Public-Facing Search Console Tools

– Google Tests Query Based Google Suggest Footers

– Google Displaying Two Local Screened Ads & Scrollable Local Reviews

Google Says
Google To Ban Climate Change Deniers From Advertising And Publishing

Google Responds To Crawled Not Indexed Errors Saying “It’s Just A Delay”

– John Mueller – “SEO is all about not requiring search engines to read your mind”

– John Mueller – “basic SEO does not equal easy SEO”


17:12 What makes a good meta description?

22:32 What’s on the horizon for some new guides, blog posts, or local client takeover GMB specialist training updates? Anything to look forward to soon?

26:43 I have a question for Jessie. When she makes changes to clients GMB does she use an email address that she has that is like a local contributor for Google cuz I noticed changes are made faster when you’re a local contributor

35:40 For a business with multiple locations and expanding, is it better to create new GMBs in an existing Google account, or create a new google account and create the new GMB there?

44:06 I’ve got a client who bought an Electrical company in January. The previous owner won’t give up the GMB listing even though he sold the business name and location. We created another GMB listing and thought we’d get an authorization card in the mail to prove the location. Instead, we got flagged for suspicious activity when in actuality the only thing we’ve actually done is set up the GMB page with some basic details like opening hours and location. I’m looking into the appeal process but would love some guidance/advice/some do’s and don’ts on how to go about this. Is there a suggested way to go about this?

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