The SEO Vault: Episode 113

The SEO Vault: Episode 113



Episode 113 Table of Contents
Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen


3:06 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Speakers and Itinerary Announced
– Interactive Mastermind Format – 2 Full Days Of Sessions (Saturday & Sunday) – Hands-On Workshops – Highest Access Level Comes With EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Discord Group To Work On More Advanced Topics (Agency Automation & Sales + More)
– One Topic Presented By Victor – Local SEO Strategies For Long Term Rankings – Avoiding Cheap Tactics That No Longer Work But Are Still Commonly Used – Using An Analytical Approach To Guide A Campaign – When To Use Data From A Tool Vs Voiding Misinformation – How Campaigns Should Differ From Each Other + More!
– Dynamic Event – Can Fit 3x The Previous Amount Of People
– You Will Leave With The Pieces Of YOUR Agency That You Need!
– At Certain Access Levels You Gain “Accountability”
– 12 Month Group Comes With Networking & Quarterly Calls
– Learn More About The Mastermind Here: Local Marketing Mastermind
– Confirmed Speakers – Chaz Edwards – Jessie Taylor – Mike Milas – Mike Rayburn – Eldar Cohen – Bucky Helms – Sophie Allen – Jon Kaufman – Traci Rayburn – Jason Guy – Victor Perez + James
– Not Just Web20 Team – All Speakers Will Be In The Exclusive Access Group
– To Learn More About The Weekend Update Subscribe To Web20Ranker: Subscribe
– YouTube Is Now Live With The SEO Vault On YouTube (Thursdays Around 4ish): SEO Vault Archives
– Weekend Deal: 7 Day Coupon For 25% Off If You Buy The Mastermind Virtual Or Entry Level Ticket

– New Blog Post On Indexation: – “Custom Signals

– New White Label SEO Manager – Ben Olsen

– Dashboard Updates Coming Soon!


45:18 SEO News For The Past Week

New Google My Business Messaging Read Receipts Setting

SERP Changes/Tests

Google Removes Some HowTo, QAPage & Special Announcement From Help Documents

Google Search App Adds Recent Queries Card

New Format For Google Search Snippets Tags / Labels

Google Says

Google Said The Penguin Algorithm May Not Just Ignore Links, It May Target Whole Site

Google: We Use Many Signals To Detect Guest Posts, It’s Not Just Link Anchor Text




24:55 Has anyone seen big drops in map views and searches in your GMB and this is with all my clients. They are all still ranking great but it looks like Google is cleaning some backend stuff up. Any thoughts?

41:50 I wonder how this will affect brand searches if employees are searching just to make edits?

51:30 a theme I am working with now has 2 sets of menus (HTML code has the URL for the navigation menu in the header twice) one for desktop and one for mobile. will this impact the rankings? as in the source code has more “words” containing keywords. any tests that can offer an idea? or should I run Cora or POP to see if this is a no-no or not? thank you

55:38 what schema would you use on a site like Zillow – a real estate portal site? the same as for a real estate agency?

59:08 In your GMB listing, for a service-based business, does it matter, for SEO purposes, what categories would you upload your photos to?

1:03:01 how do you appear in predictive suggested search in Google with a little logo?

1:03:28 Would you say that branded searches are more beneficial to product searches rather than service-related businesses?

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