Web 2.0 Ranker vs. AB Newswire Press Releases Comparison

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Web 2.0 Ranker vs. AB Newswire: Press Releases Comparison

Press releases are a crucial part of any SEO strategy. But there are huge differences in the quality of press releases.

A press release is your chance to strengthen your online brand with notable news placements and build links to rank your website higher. If you’re published on the right platforms, it can also increase your traffic and brand awareness.

Researching, comparing, and evaluating your press release options can make or break your final product. When looking for press releases it’s important to make informed choices. You must choose a press release service that provides access to the channels you need to strengthen your client’s brand, authority, and link graph.

This blog compares the Web 2.0 Ranker press release service with AB Newswire, focusing on the Targeted Media Outreach and Premium Syndication options. There are many factors to consider when evaluating your press options, so we get pretty in-depth. 

Web 2.0 Ranker vs. AB Newswire at a Glance

Cheaper Press Release Writing & Syndication

If you’re looking for a press service that will write your press release and syndicate it out to publishers, our service is a little more affordable.

Stronger Indexation Rates

For maximum impact, you need your content to index. Our press releases index around 15%+, while their prs only index at about 5%.

DoFollow News Links

The AB Newswire does not offer an option for DoFollow links, but we have an entire DoFollow News Links Service with high referring domain numbers. 

Add White Label Reporting to Any Press Release

While the AB Newswire only offers white label reporting to bulk orders, we offer this as an add-on to any press release you order. Whether your agency orders 2 or 20, we can take care of the reporting!

Higher Open Rates for Targeted Media Outreach

Our manual outreach open rates are some of the best in the industry! We achieve at least a 15% open rate on every campaign, but most campaigns exceed 20% on our manual outreach emails. If you have a highly newsworthy topic, this is even higher.

Remember, it’s not about how many contacts the service sends to, it’s about how many of those contacts actually open the email and respond… 

Larger Database for Targeted Media Outreach

From our database of over 1 million contacts, we create a custom outreach list built just for that news content and client. AB Newswire has over 150,000 fewer contacts than us. That means you can offer better flexibility for your clients’ specific needs

Web 2.0 Ranker vs. AB Newswire In-Depth

Features Comparison (Targeted Media Outreach w/ Premium Syndication)


Web 20 Ranker

AB Newswire



Single Premium PR Writing + Syndication
$66.97 total

20 PRs (Bulk) – Writing & Syndication
$1,080 total

Single Premium PR Writing + Syndication ($30 + $40)
$70 total

20 PRs (Bulk) – Writing & Syndication ($600 for writing, $400 for syndication)
$1,000 total

# of Media Outlets

461 and growing



Around 15% (70s / 461)

Around 5%
(26 / 495)

Google News Inclusion/sites

Guarantees Google News inclusion / Over 100 manually approved Google News approved sites within network

Guarantees Google News Inclusion… But PR was not in Google News

Overlapping media aggregators

Offers Frankly, Financial Content, Digital Journal, MarketWatch (and more not offered by ABN)

Offers Frankly, Financial Content, Digital Journal, MarketWatch (and a few others not offered by W20R)

Special (unique or Uncomparable) Features

Options to:

  • Syndication on NewsMax
  • Syndication to Voice Search (Alexa and Google)
  • Get published on AP New
  • Get published on Yahoo Finance

  • Daily traffic statistics
  • Social Media Sharing (half of the accounts are disabled so this part of the reporting is kind of broken)

Do-Follow Links

Do-Follow Links Available

No Do-Follow Links

Syndication Reports Include

2 files –

  • 1 PDF with news outlet logos to click and view sites.
    Includes Google News and Google Indexed Pages buttons
    Reseller Report Rebranding option
  • 1 CSV with a list of all published URLs
    Report white-labeled by default

2 files –

  • 1 PDF with news outlet logos to click and view sites.
  • Includes Google News and Google Indexed Pages buttons
  • Social Media sharing reporting (half-broken)
  • Daily Traffic Statistics
  • Reseller Report Rebranding option
  • 1 XLS with a list of all published URLs
  • Report white-labeled by default


Yes, several different service options with different distribution options.
Yes, Media Enhancement add-ons are available to add just what you need to a PR

Just Web Syndication and Targeted Media options are available. No add-ons or extra features

White Label

Yes, a one-time fee of $49 can be added to ANY syndication, gets your reports rebranded for life

Or one bulk PR purchase (10+) automatically includes white label set up, and you get that for life


Get white label reporting with bulk PR purchases of 20 credits or more or subscription

Service Available To

Any country

Any country



$199 (includes writing + targeted outreach + premium syndication)

  • $80 (+$30 to include the writing) – target 1 state (US / CA)
  • $100 (+$30 to include the writing) – target 1 region (US / CA)
  • $120 (+$30 to include the writing) – target 1 country (any country)
  • $180 (+$30 to include the writing) – target global

# of Contacts Emailed

1000+ (with the option to upgrade to 2000+)

Current order had over 7k contacts. Depending on the niche contact list is 3k+

Targeted Media Reports Include

1 PDF with open rate statistics, a full list of contacts reached out to, general categories used to find the most fitting media journalists, and a complete list of contacts who opened the email

1 or 2 PDFs (depending on how large the outreach is)
Opened, bounced, clicked data, full list of contacts emailed and list of contacts who opened

Open Rate

15%+ average (generally higher than 20%)


Media Database Size

1 million +

820k +

Service Available To

US Targeting only (includes city, state, regional, and national outreach depending on the specific campaign)

  • State Targeting US & Canada only 
  • Regional Targeting US & Canada only 
  • National and Global Targeting for Any Country

Site / Service ease of use

Site is a bit confusing because there are SO many press options, but pricing is straight forward and most info is up-to-date or being updated

Service – we currently do all the work for you, so just buy whatever press service you need, submit your info and we do the rest 

Site has a fair amount of outdated info. Pricing and service options are easy to find and maneuver. Some of their subscription pricing is a bit confusing, and not detailed enough.

Service – you have to do the work with ABN. Sure they will write the PR for you (if ordered), but you have to upload the article and info into their platform to push it out for syndication 


Expertly Written Press Releases For Any Business

A well-written press release can help you gain traction with the media and generate buzz around your brand, news or product. Web 2.0 Ranker’s Press Releases are expertly written for your business by senior writers trained specifically in press release writing. You will not have to worry about the hassle of writing your press releases and the requirements of getting your content published. All you need to fill out to start your campaign is the Company Name, Email address for contact (to be displayed on the release), Country, and Website URL.

We will ask for your link information: Anchor Text and URLs (Two anchor text and URL sets, as well as one naked URL to your main website). You may choose to supply all naked URLs if you prefer. Check out our SEO Press Tactics blog to see what links we recommend for local & national campaigns and more: https://web20ranker.com/press-release-seo-strategies/ 


Syndicated to 450+ News Outlets and 1000+ Email Contacts

When it comes to Premium Syndication Web 2.0 Ranker offers 461 outlets and growing, while on the other hand AB Newswire has 495 outlets. However, 450+ out of 461 outlets of Web 2.0 Ranker (W20R) advertise while only 400+ out of 495 outlets of AB Newswire (ABN) advertise. Taking this into consideration Web 20 Ranker syndicates to almost as many outlets as ABN does and many of the sites within W20R’s distribution list are better than the sites you’ll get with ABN. W20 has over 100+ manually google news approved sites as well as other high-quality featured sites and add-on opportunities.

Moreover, for the Targeted Media Outreach, W20R offers 1000+ Email contacts with the option to upgrade to 2000+ and an open rate of 15% while AB Newswire’s current order had over 7k contacts. Depending on the niche contact list is 3k+ but has an open rate of only 6%. 

Custom Press Releases

Not two businesses are the same and even when they belong to the same niche to build the authority you are seeking for your clients you need to customize their campaign as much as possible. The same goes for press releases and that’s why at Web 2.0 Ranker we go above and beyond to offer you customizable Press Releases with our premium syndication. When compared to ABN, W20R takes it up a notch with the ability to customize the perfect PR solution for you, without having to pay for content that does not meet your expectations. With Web 20, you’ll get to pick all the media enhancements that are right for you, including publishing to NewsMax or Voice Search, senior writer for the best quality writing, publishing on AP News, and more. Meanwhile, ABN offers Web Syndication and Targeted Media options and no add-ons or extra features.

Web 20 Ranker is also doing all of the work for you. While ABN requires you to submit your article through their platform and, with Web 20, you provide the company details and we handle everything from writing to syndication and reporting. Press releases have never been easier! 

Prices and Packages

At first glance, the targeted media outreach from AB Newswire might look like a better deal. ABN has different targeted media options including state, regional, national, and global, with the state being the cheapest option and it going upwards.

On the contrary, Web 20 Ranker does not offer different targeted media packages based on the area you want to target. So what does that mean? There are no limitations on the targeting you’ll get with a campaign at Web 20 Ranker. No matter the industry and how many different locations within the US a company is targeting, Web 20 Ranker is going to build the best media/journalist outreach list based on ALL those details, not limit you to 1 area or 5 industry targets like ABN does. 

Web 2.0 Ranker vs. AB Newswire: The Takeaway

You might be wondering “If ABN got over 7,000 contacts and Web 20 Ranker only got 1,000 – how is Web 20 the better service?” Well, one thing we can assure you is that, even with Web 2.0 Ranker’s database of 1 million+ contacts, with the criteria and efforts we put in place to create the best-targeted list, Web 2.0 Ranker could comfortably create a list of over 7,000 contacts for many niches without having to go way too broad. So while we are only sending your PR out to 1,000 contacts (or 2,000 if you grab the upgrade), you can rest assured that those chosen contacts matter and for one reason or another, are relevant to the brand/PR topic, increasing the chances that they might pick up the story. With Web 2.0 Ranker you are always getting Quality over Quantity!

Also, at Web 2.0 Ranker we land actual placements, actual interviews, and actual partnerships in the different media opportunities that come from the targeted outreach. We do not limit our clients to selecting 1 location and 5 niches/industry targets. We consider the whole of the campaign, without location/niche limits, and put together a real custom list of media outreach opportunities. No pre-made niche-specific lists at Web 2.0 Ranker. 

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