Insurance Case Study

Insurance Case Study

This case study will show you how we helped an insurance company increase its business listing visibility through our local SEO and organic search strategies. Even though this client was ranking pretty well already, we boosted their calls while also ranking them for more highly relevant keywords with high search volumes, including #1 ranking for their top keyword.

Using our GMB Accelerated services together with Monthly GMB and Managed Search, this client saw an increase in the range at which they were ranking in the map pack. Further, we managed to maintain these high rankings for more than four months; this way, our client managed to rank at the top of the local searches for insurance companies while beating the competition and gaining more business as a result.

A Recap Of The Results We Achieved For This Client

The Organic Managed SEO Process

We start this process by setting up tracking and campaign reporting for the keywords. The analytics provided are handled by certified advanced analytics engineers, resulting in high-level analysis, funnel visualization audience insights and more. Afterward, we perform a technical audit to check the site’s health and any errors, together with an anchor text and semantic audit to plan out the most effective link-building strategy.

To further refine the process and yield the best results possible, we analyze top-ranking competitors as well, for insights on the keywords, anchor texts, semantic phrases, social media etc.

After we gather up all the data, both site-level and page-level optimization begin. We pair this with content creation, authority press releases, high traffic guests posts, niche link placements, tiered link stacks, and index links to ensure Google bots will crawl our clients’ site. This process also includes optimizing the brands’ social profiles and creating the necessary social media accounts for better SEO impact.

Our strategies increase the relevancy of the targeted phrases and provide more clarity for the buyer and their intent.

Our Clients Organic Results

Our white-label and high-impact search optimization process brought great results to our client’s organic listing in the SERPs. Through our link-building and outreach strategies, this client got to rank at the top of the organic search results for some of their top search terms, and their exposure and site traffic increased significantly.

Considering this campaign has been running for more than 4 months now, the improvements seen on this rank tracker show the great results we achieved for this client. As you can see, we got them from low rankings and barely reaching number one on some search terms to ranking on the top for a large number of high volume search terms with about 720 monthly searches.

Further, we established long-term rankings for this client’s top industry keywords with our content marketing and social media marketing strategies. We maintained the number one rankings seen on the rank tracker below and above for more than four months, while we also increased and stabilized their monthly searches, resulting in about 90 monthly searchers for their branded keyword.

As seen below, we also pushed some of the major terms, with search volumes above 60 thousand, to the number one rank.

Our Local SEO Strategy

These rankings were only possible because of the local GMB optimization we performed for our client. This is a very crucial and beneficial process for any business looking to dominate the 3 pack and is designed for the highest competition niches. For our client, this meant more brand signals, geo-relevant content on their site, and a lot of on-page optimization and authority stacking.

The process can be followed in real-time by the client and is divided into three phases. It begins with creating local niche signals and setting up the entity brand foundation. This ensures that the deployed SEO strategy will be impactful because it is based on competitor and local SERP audits. This strategy mapping process forms the foundation for future 3 pack ranking in higher comp areas.

We then completely optimized the GMB listing of this client and created more niche-relevant signals for them. This advanced brand setup process further pushed our client into more competitive markets, where we managed to secure higher search volume rankings through more advanced signal creation for better relevance and authority.

Increased Driving Direction Requests And Calls

Through GMB SEO accelerated campaigns and local monthly SEO for GMB profiles, we managed to secure our client more than 300 calls, which for them meant one additional call every day. We also saw a 22% increase in driving direction requests with a slight 9% increase in the visits to the website.

Expanded The Visibility To A Wider Area

We managed to get this client to overcome proximity and expand their visibility to new areas through local optimization. By creating niche relevant signals for this client we made them rank better in a wider area. These custom signals are part of the link-building campaign based on competitor analysis and help us continually build local citations and links based on the competitor gap. By continually building links we helped this client stay ahead of the curve and maintain rankings for long periods of time. In this case, we maintained the number one rank for many top keywords for over 4 months.

Below is the maps increase which was directly attributed to consistent custom signal creations.

26% Increase In Form Submissions And 90% Increase In Calls

Through Accelerated GMB our client got 92 form submissions which meant a 26% increase and 19 calls, a 90% increase. You can also see that this increased the relevancy of the site by the various increases in scroll depth, which meant that more visitors were actually going through the content of the site.

This framework has proven to be very beneficial for our clients in the past and your clients can achieve similar results as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for experienced SEOs and top-notch services.

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