SEO Update November 11, 2022


What Can You Do to Solve Cannabilization Issues? Here’s What We Are Testing…

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Have your maps rankings been affected by GBP Cannibalization? We’re testing it…

We continued our cannibalization tests this week on the SEO Mad Scientist. We tested different variables in our listings to see how they will affect on the cannibalized term.
Read the entire test below to see what we find out!

On this week’s episode of the SEO Vault, we discussed how to move rankings into the 3 pack, links being a less ranking factor in the future, Google’s stand on H1 size and header font for ranking, and other SEO news!

SEO Updates & News This Week:

> Google Updates Help Documentation To Say Using JavaScript For Links Can Be Fine

> More From Google On AI Content – It’s About If The Content Is Helpful

> Google Rewriting Your Titles Is Not A Sign Of A Quality Issue, Said Google

> Google Can Pass PageRank From HTTP To HTTPS URLs With Redirects

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 164
Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…

✔️ Google: The Size Of Your H1 & Header Fonts Doesn’t Matter For SEO

✔️ Google Can Pass PageRank From HTTP To HTTPS URLs With Redirects

✔️ Google Local Finder Auto-Play Video Thumbnails

Watch the Latest SEO Vault episode to catch up on the most recent local update and so much more.

Answered: What would you do for a GBP ranking around 4 or 5 for its main keyword to push it up into the 3 pack?

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This Week in the Lab with SEO Mad Scientist

What Can You Do to Solve Cannabilization Issues? Here’s What We Are Testing…
Welcome back, SEO mad scientist, to another weekly update!

This week we’re going to have a quick update on our cannibalization tests and what we have done to see how we can influence Google to uncannibalize our listing instead of ranking other listings at the same location.

We currently have two listings at the same location with a few different keywords cannibalizing each other. We’ve done a few things for each situation to test their impact on the cannibalized term.

Let’s take a look at the current rankings and what we are testing.
Test #1: This test is mostly onsite variables. We simply added another relevant service page for the primary keyword, “Search Engine Optimization Analysis,” added a link to the page in our primary site menu, and added additional references to the homepage of the website (all things we found influence local ranking from previous tests.)
Test #2: We mostly tested the listing optimization for this test. We’ve added some additional categories and services to the listing and a couple of optimized “products.”
Test #3: For our final test term, we wanted to test a combination of on-site and off-site signals but try something new. For this test, we published some relevant content on the site for long-tail terms (using the blog) and syndicated these posts on our business listing.

We saw very little movement from GBP posting a long time ago, but there could be more weight on this now.

Join us next week as we dig deeper into our cannibalization tests and break down the details of our first test term, exactly what was done and what results see.

Until then, happy testing!

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