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GBP Listing Rankings: What Website Signals Ranked First…

Happy Friday!

This week on the SEO Vault, we discussed the impact of having a large percentage of pages that are not indexed on ranking, what SEOs mentioned to be the most challenging area of SEO, Google’s new product review update, the biggest takeaways from the Local Marketing Mastermind and more SEO news!

SEO News This Week:
> Google Unleashes Fifth Product Reviews Update Before Core Update Is Done

> What We’re Seeing From The Google Product Reviews Update #5

> Is The Percentage Of Pages Not Indexed A Bad Google SEO Sign?

> John Mu says Google is good at filtering hack spam

> Here Is What Google Considers Quality Issues: Things Users Consider Problematic

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This Week in the Local SEO Community

This Week on The SEO Vault
Episode 157

Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Mike Milas + Bucky Helms

What we discussed this week…

✔️ Google Unleashes Fifth Product Reviews Update Before Core Update Is Done

✔️ Is The Percentage Of Pages Not Indexed A Bad Google SEO Sign?

✔️ Google Results About You Search Beta

✔️ Google Tests Highlighting Text In People Also Ask As Well…

✔️ John Mu says Google is good at filtering hack spam

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This Week in the Lab with SEO Mad Scientist

GBP Listing Rankings: What Website Signals Ranked First…

Welcome everyone to another SEO Mad Scientist update. We were out last week for the LMM event but back this weekend for another GBP ranking update.

So far, in our previous test updates, we have been tracking the indexation of a new GBP listing, specifically to see what aspects of the listing seem to influence rankings first.

Once the listing was indexed, it took about a week for Google to split-test various terms within the brand name and GBP category. Aside from these terms, no other terms seemed to rank our listing during this time. It wasn’t until a few weeks in approximately that we began to see some additional keyword rankings…

The first terms we saw ranking a little were for “SEO Consulting” (consulting only being mentioned in one place, on our website within the menu)

When looking further into our geo-modified keywords, however, we started to see a lot of keywords that were only referenced on the homepage now showing in SERPs.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

At a glance, most of our headings on the homepage had also impacted the rankings. For example, “SEO campaigns” is mentioned in a H2 and is now showing some rankings. However, our term “SEO services” is not showing at all yet, even for long tail geo searches. “SEO services” is mentioned on the website and even on the GBP listing in products, but still no movement for that term.

unnamed (6)

Once we looked at the listing, we then noticed Google had done something…

They added a huge list of services to our GBP listing!

unnamed (7)

So, where did Google pull these services from? The one that caught our eye first was “our digital marketing services” because it included the term “our.”

So we searched for this term on our webpage and found it…

unnamed (8)

We can clearly see Google has pulled this list from our website content. Maybe it wasn’t enough to move the needle for some of them. Still, we are fairly confident that the 3rd thing Google looks at very heavily when launching a new listing is the additional brand properties, specifically the GBP website listed on the listing.

We can even see it pulling in headings from our staff sections.

unnamed (9)

So, aside from the business name and category, so far, one of the most important signals seems to be the website attached to the GBP. This could also be third-party brand mentions as well that Google could have assigned to the GBP CID. However, the website is the only external property in this test. We would have to do the same test with no website listed but a brand property indexed to see if we get the same effect.

Join us next week with more updates on the SEO Mad Scientist.

Until then…

Happy Testing!

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