SEO Updates April 02, 2021

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  • What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week
  • Deal of the week: Spring SEO Sale 4/2-4/8 25% Savings Sitewide
  • SEO Mad Scientist: Do SAB Businesses Get a Boost? 2 New Tests!

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 82

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Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

? Google Testing 2 Pack for Local Maps
? Google’s New Label For Local Business Reviews Now Live
? Google Knowledge Panels Can Show Competitors As Alternatives
? Google Updated The Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Welcome back scientists to another exciting week of SEO tests. Today we’re going to be digging into two brand new tests.

  1. How does removing an address from a GMB listing affect rankings?
  2. How does replying to reviews with keywords in the reply affect rankings?

We hope to get to the bottom of these questions with these tests so without wasting another moment let’s jump right in.

The first test was fairly simple and required only removing the GMB address on a listing that we already had recorded rankings for and seeing how the rankings responded after removing the address.

We feel it’s important to look at base keywords as well as geotargeted keywords because there could be a difference in how this is impacted especially if the address is counted as any type of optimization for the geolocation (city or state in the address)

A lot of people have stated that removing an address can cause fluctuations or even a loss of rankings but how much risk or benefit does it really hold?

After getting our baseline reports we removed the address and tracked our rankings over the next coming weeks. It has been about 18 days since the address has been removed and here are the results…

Let’s start by looking at the most recent snapshots…

Within about 5 days we saw the rankings start to increase all the way through to the recent snapshots, where we see many number one listings.

The extreme impact we see makes us question if this is actually in regards to the address. But, due to the fact it’s the only thing that we did and the listing was getting little traction in the search prior to removing it, there are not many other things we can account for other than maybe the algorithm fluctuating.

We are repeating this test on another listing of course but welcome anyone to give feedback if they have seen anything as far as fluctuations when removing an address.

It is also important to note that the listing is somewhat of a keyword match brand name that includes geolocation. We know from previous tests and campaigns that these types of brands can be weighed a little differently than ranking for relevant terms, per day, but the results we’ve seen are definitely surprising.

Moving on to the second test, how does responding to reviews with keywords impact your rankings?

Another simple single variable test where we simply had a review left on our listing and then replied to the review with keyword relevant terms in the reply.

We haven’t seen any fluctuation as you can see, but this may be a signal that does take longer to occur or may also need to be validated with off-page signals as well.

We are continuing to comment on reviews with various relevant terms as well as doing some other tests to see if we can create a more substantial movement.

On its own, however, simply replying to a review with a keyword in it does not seem to drastically impact rankings.

Another possibility is that the original reviewer’s comments are weighed heavier than the business’s response so maybe if the reviewer leaves more relevant terms in their review it’ll have a greater impact.

Be sure to join us next week as we do another review on these tests, look at another listing we’ve removed the address from to see if we got similar results, and start looking at keywords in the customer’s review to see how that impacts rankings.

Until then…

Happy Testing!

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