SEO Updates December 03, 2021

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 117

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Co-Host:  Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen
Special Guest: Benjamin Olson

? John Mu: Google Doesn’t Index Parts Of A Page Separately Unless It’s Embedded Content
? December 2021 Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out – What We See So Far
? 60% Of SEOs Saw No Changes With The Google November Core Update
? John Mu: Our Product Experts Don’t Get A Ranking Boost Or Ranking Secrets

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SEO Mad Scientist ???

Hey there Mad scientists welcome back to another week of updates…

As you know we’ve been doing some testing with interlinking emojis and have also begun running off-page emoji backlink tests as of last week’s update.

Our first interlinking emoji test didn’t seem to have much of a result at first. There were some issues within the test and so we may not have the most accurate data.

What had happened is we initially structured our test so that we would target “purple ? attorney”. The plan was to build internal links to a target page and see if the inner links made this term go up. The title of the page had “purple cow attorney” in the H1 but did not contain the emoji.

The thought behind this was if we build the links with the emoji and the anchor text and we see that the base keyword without the emoji goes up, then there must be some correlation and relevance.

The problem was that our website had issues recognizing the cow emoji and just replaced it with symbols so we ended up building links with the scale emoji to try and impact the keyword “scale purple cow attorney”.

Now we didn’t see any movement in the scale keywords but we do see that the web page is now showing for  “purple ? attorney” and the term “purple cow attorney” has moved up one spot.

Obviously, there’s a lot to consider here and the data is somewhat skewed because the test changed halfway through. But the fact is we added the word “purple cow” to the H1 of the target page, and then built inner links to it and now Google is showing the page with the emoji of a cow when searching instead of just the word.

So when searching an emoji in the search bar, Google does seem to correlate that relevance to a word, but so far there are no signs that using an emoji within context correlates to relevance for what that emoji represents.

It seems odd that there is only one way that this relevance is pulled but this is why we moved on to our off-page emoji anchor texts.

We now have our off-page link tests running but before we get into those results we want to finish up this week with an update on our “hidden content” indexation tests.

If you didn’t see the previous indexation test we did then you should go back and take a look. A quick overview of the test was simply putting a bunch of test keywords on a page and hiding the terms by various methods using CSS or simply by changing the text color to match the background…

By doing these tests we were able to see what type of hidden content Google was indexing even though it was not visible from the front end of the site.

To our surprise, every single one of our test keywords was indexed and showed up in Google even though it was hidden from the front end of the page.

Recently however we have seen that one of the test terms has dropped off the indexation list which means either something has changed with Google’s algorithm where they no longer will allow this type of hidden text to index, or, this type of hidden text simply will just drop off from the index over time because of some type of benchmark within Google’s algorithm possibly having to do with quality.

What we do know is that our test term “wllkqoaq” completely fell off from the index…

This was the test term we hid using CSS that made the text 100% transparent…

We will continue to watch her other indexation tests and let you know if we see any more drop-off or if the transparent text indexes and comes back in the SERPs.

Until then be sure to join us next week when we look at some updates from our off-page emoji link tests and until then as always, happy testing!

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