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What Happened on the SEO Vault this Week + Special Guest: Bucky Helms

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SEO Mad Scientist: Does the GMB Description Really “Help” Rankings?

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FROM THE VAULT – Episode 67

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This week’s special guest: Bucky Helms

? Danny Sullivan: Core update goes out page by page to the entire index
? – Portal To Search For Google SEO Q&As On Twitter
? Google Tests New Local Pack User Interface Buttons
? Google My Business Call History Report Shows Answered & Missed Calls
? Google Structured Data Testing Tool Moving To

And so much more!

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SEO Mad Scientist

Hey Scientists, we are back with another week of breaking down GMB signals and ranking them from most important to least important single variable signals.

So far, we have found the most important signal being the Brand Name with the second being the description as we saw last week caused a big ranking decrease when removing it from a listing that was ranking.

This week we are going to be looking at how much gains we get from adding a term to our description vs removing them.

We also are going to take a quick look at product and service signal tests and upcoming test results we currently have running.

Let’s start by talking about “all” the signals we are testing. These include brand name, description, products, services, hours, attributes, secondary number, primary number, service area, category, short name, images, posts, and even the GMB site variations…

So in true SEO fashion, the first thing we did before starting was SPAM them all lol

Take a look at just one if the listings details:

We did leave some areas unoptimized but for the most part, we stuffed our keywords in every area we could to see if this type of optimization would make any movement. In our single-variable tests, we saw that changing the business name to have keywords made a fairly big and immediate ranking reaction. Here are the results from our spam test after a few days:

So far we see little to no change which either means that these signals aren’t major signals, take more time to show impact, have a spam filter built into their impact, or require some sort of external/additional signal to be considered.

This is why we are testing all of these signals individually as well as together, to determine not only impact but the level of impact, and how it’s measured or influenced.

So far we know a GMB with a website linked from it, will get negative results if it has a relevant description and then you remove the description.

Let’s look at an update of a listing where a description was added that included terms it was ranking for poorly or not at all:

As you can see we have seen absolutely no change in rankings. We will give an update over the next couple of weeks but since we previously saw removing the description having a negative effect, we believe there must be an external signal that influences the description impact. This listing has no optimization, no website, nothing but a name, category, phone number, and now a description.

If we don’t see movement next week then we will move to phase 2 of testing the GMB description.

Until then, do you think having the GMB description helps with local rankings? What aspects of the description do you think help rankings the most? Is the description alone a signal or does it rely on external signals?

Let us know in the group comments and until next time.

Happy Testing!

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